Private Cloud Services for Calgary Law Firms

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Private Cloud Services for Calgary Law Firms

Calgary law firms deal with critical and sensitive data every day, which makes it challenging to secure the client information they possess. Though cloud solutions promise a safe and secure solution, there will always be a debate – which cloud platform will be most suited to fulfill the specific needs of a law firm?

Law firms, like the majority of businesses, are always trying to do more with less, while still working diligently to provide their staff and clients with the best overall experience. A cloud platform can help Calgary law firms save time and money, while also increasing flexibility and enhancing data security. Utilizing cloud services has become a common practice for most businesses, but law firms are often hesitant when it comes to adopting new technologies they may not fully understand.

The confidentiality and security of your client’s data and having control of your law firm’s operations are critical to its success. However, many firms are not taking the proper measures to make sure that these elements of the practice are being properly adopted and implemented so they can function effectively in the modern workplace.

Also, many law firms are on the verge of falling behind their competitors because they are spending too much time and financial resources on management methods that are out of date and can no longer secure data. These law firms have also not fully embraced the technology that is needed to allow lawyers and staff to be productive outside the office.

It should come as no surprise that law firms in Calgary that harness technology (particularly cloud technology and services) to improve their service offering will give themselves a competitive advantage over those who are not harnessing cloud services. By using the cloud, your lawyers and staff can communicate and collaborate better with and make better use of their time and valuable resources.

The Cloud: What Is It?

The cloud consists of software and services that can be utilized and accessed via a reliable network connection. Compared to traditional software services, in the cloud, software is not installed locally on the device a user is using to access the service. In addition, data will be processed and stored on remote servers and not on a device or hard drive. Most people are familiar with public cloud services, such as Microsoft 365, Zoom, LinkedIn, Dropbox, etc. On the other hand, a private cloud (a dedicated server that hosts server-based software that can be accessed from any device at any time) is proving to be a better option for many law firms.

The Private Cloud: What Is It?

With a private cloud platform, your law firm’s server and technology infrastructure can be replaced entirely, or at least, replaced to a limited extent, by a hosted and managed virtual desktop that will allow your firm to access applications, email, and documents (i.e. Microsoft 365, case management software, and accounting and billing software) from any device and from any location without worrying about security.

Unlike the public cloud that delivers services to multiple organizations, a private cloud will be dedicated to the unique needs and goals of your law firm. Private Cloud architecture is not made available to the public, and organizations that place their workloads in the private cloud are dedicated to only the business using them.

A private cloud is an option for organizations that don’t want to share resources or have compliance requirements that determine where data must be stored and who can access the data. A private cloud platform can also provide a greater sense of predictability when it comes to costs and performance.

When your servers are hosted in the private cloud, your firm will reduce its hardware costs by utilizing scalable private cloud resources. Since you will only be expected to pay for the space and power you use, your firm can significantly reduce its IT budget. The private cloud provides you with a scalable and flexible environment.

How will the private cloud be better than the public cloud for your law firm’s needs?

Enhance the Security of Your Calgary Law Firm With Private Cloud Services

While public cloud environments have improved their security measures over the years, sometimes law firms handling sensitive information would prefer not to operate on a network whose resources are shared by other organizations.

Recently, the usage of private cloud environments has increased greatly amongst organizations because of the security, privacy, and compliance features. A private cloud is secured with multiple layers of security. The security of the private cloud will allow you to reassure your clients that their sensitive information will not be accessible by anyone who has not been authorized to access it.

Positively Impact Your Firm’s Performance With Private Cloud Services

A private cloud environment will be better suited for businesses in the legal sector, where improper use of data can directly impact the law firm’s performance. Calgary law firms rely on a network that will allow for business continuity and the greatest uptime to perform uninterrupted legal services throughout the year.

In a public cloud environment, resources will be shared amongst various processes, resulting in slower performances due to increased load times when the traffic demand is high. Law firms cannot afford downtime and require a network that supports their increased performance needs. A private cloud infrastructure will be designed per your firm’s needs and requirements.

A private cloud server will help your firm automate processes, make the deployment of applications easier, and offer a higher bandwidth range. The control over the network will allow firms to run heavier business applications on faster servers.

Gain Control of Your Calgary Law Firm With Private Cloud Services

With the rising security concerns in Calgary, such as ransomware attacks, data breaches, and phishing, more law firms are seeking an environment with added layers of security. Unlike public cloud services, private cloud services will provide your firm with total control over its resources and infrastructure. With total control of your resources and infrastructure, you will be able to streamline your processes better.

Private cloud services allow you to give access to staff depending upon their responsibilities. When you set up user permissions, you will prevent unauthorized access to critical personal and legal data. It allows your law firm to gain full control over its data.

CTECH Consulting Group Helps Law Firms Navigate Through the Cloud

Before deciding to transition to a private cloud from traditional systems, law firms have several factors to consider, including data migration, user accounts, and compliance, permissions, and security. Working with an experienced and trusted technology partner, such as CTECH Consulting Group, will provide your firm with the guidance it needs throughout this process.

Given the fact that we have worked alongside legal firms throughout Calgary for over 10 years, we understand the needs of the legal sector. We understand problems that law firms encounter, making us perfectly positioned to reactively find solutions like private cloud services. When it comes to private cloud services, we know how to find what your firm requires.

We will work alongside you to understand your needs and can help you find a secure private cloud solution rigorous enough to meet the needs of your law firm. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.