Outsourced IT Services In Calgary

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The Value Of Outsourced IT Services In Calgary

When something goes wrong with your IT, everything comes to an immediate halt. When you are under a standard Break/Fix service model, you have to wait for something to break before your provider can fix it. While this formula makes sense, it could result in significant hours of downtime. However, what would you do if you could keep your IT from breaking in the first place?

Outsourcing IT services involves partnering with an IT service provider to execute and manage your business’s IT needs. This includes the setup of your business’s IT infrastructure and application services, in addition to IT support, backup and disaster data recovery solutions, cloud services, and security. When you outsource your business’s IT needs to CTECH Consulting, you can have peace of mind that your IT needs will be met.

When one of your employees has a question or needs assistance with a device, the employee should have immediate access to IT support. If devices, networks, servers, etc. are causing you grief, who will be there to provide support? IT outsourcing is leveraging a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own staff. We have up-to-date processes, best practices, and advanced technologies that will be used to empower your business with unmatched IT support.

IT Services In Calgary

Will Outsourced IT Services In Calgary Be The Solution to Your IT Struggles?

It can be difficult to keep up with all the aspects of running a business in Calgary. With a reduced IT staff or an IT staff that may not have the skill set needed to maintain and manage all aspects of business, it is no surprise that some management teams generally struggle to handle some of their core responsibilities.

It’s time for teams to work smarter, and not harder. IT services and support for businesses are the tasks that are often easier said than done. You do not have to leave these annoying IT problems in the hands of a team that is already juggling a variety of tasks. When you outsource your IT services to CTECH Consulting Group, we ensure your systems run smoothly and that your job is made easier.

Why Do You Need IT Services for Your Business?

In today’s digital world, technology is a crucial aspect of every Calgary business’s day-to-day operations. Computers, mobile devices, telecommunication systems, the internet, and search engines all rely on these systems to do simple tasks and complex tasks. Can you imagine if one or all of these systems failed? Can you imagine if your computer was infected with a virus or your staff was unable to receive messages or emails from clients, customers, suppliers, etc.?

Communication, collaboration, and productivity would all be hampered. In addition, you would also have to worry about the loss of business if you are unable to answer emails and respond to questions. IT services and support for your business make finding a viable solution faster, easier, and more accessible. You do not have to waste time searching for solutions when you have the answer right in front of you – outsourced IT services.

What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services in Calgary?

Increase the efficiency and productivity of your business operations with outsourced IT services in Calgary. There are several benefits for your business if you choose to outsource your IT services.

By outsourcing your IT services, you can:

  • Reduce internal costs because you will not have to pay a high salary or any benefits to an in-house IT team. You will also not have to worry about finding someone to cover for an employee who takes sick leave or needs time off, as you would with internal IT resources
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness by outsourcing your IT services to a highly skilled and experienced provider that will ensure your employees can focus on their core responsibilities, without having to worry about how they are going to fix IT issues that may be outside their wheelhouse
  • Increase employee productivity because your infrastructure and systems will be managed and monitored, even when things are operating as they should. All errors will be addressed and fixed rapidly, with little to no disruption to your  day-to-day tasks

Our IT outsourcing services include, but are not limited to:

  • IT Support: IT support services allow you to stop worrying about your IT troubles and keep working on your main responsibilities. With outsourced IT services, IT implementation and management will be handed down to us, allowing you to focus on your core services.
  • Backup and recovery services: Protect your business from the possibilities of online threats and critical data loss. With a proper data backup and recovery solution, your business will run smoothly at all times.
  • Cybersecurity services: IT security solutions from CTECH can save you from the frustrations, time, and cost involved in keeping your network and systems safe. We use the latest advancements in technology and use innovation to protect your business from the latest threats.

IT Consultants Can Deliver Professional IT Services to Your Business

Our IT consultants can help your business under any circumstance and in any on-demand situation. With outsourced IT services, your business can leverage our team and resources for special projects, advice, leadership, and other professional IT services. Maybe you already have a well-established internal IT team that needs some external help or direction.

With our services at CTECH Consulting Group, our skills and expertise can complement your existing internal IT team’s skill sets,  or we can help extend your IT department’s reach. Whatever your current situation may be, our IT consultants can help. Our team can assist in designing your business’s next infrastructure solution, and we can provide the assistance and guidance you need during each project, ensuring you have the support you need through the entire IT project cycle from the design stage to the implementation and support stages.

IT outsourcing will save your business time and money associated with providing these services internally. Your staff should be focused on fulfilling organizational goals and not dealing with IT challenges. Outsourcing your IT needs can help alleviate the pressures and burdens so that your team can stay on task. This will also mean your business will not have to make major investments into hiring and training to successfully support an IT task or project.

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