Some of the province’s leading economic minds met in in Calgary last month. The consensus? — It looks like Calgary may actually be headed for a bit of a slowdown. To save money in this downward economy, outsourcing your IT is a good solution. Using CTECH Consulting Group as your Outsourced IT Department is an effective way to cut IT costs, while ensuring effective service and support.

  • Save In Employee Expenses: An in-house network administrator can cost an average of $60k annually. Of course, you may be able to find a cheaper network administrator. However, to be effective, IT service and support requires up-to-date skills and expertise. A worthwhile network administrator will be expensive to hire.
  • Save in Vacation Costs and Training: In addition, there are additional expenses on top of salary to consider. For example, holidays, and the coverage while your network administrator is away—Plus ongoing training and certifications that increases this expense. When you consider all of this, just one network administrator can cost you more than $100k yearly!
  • Save in Management Expenses: While your business may be profitable, management probably doesn’t want to devote their time to overseeing IT. As your Outsourced IT Department, CTECH Consulting Group ensures your IT infrastructure is seamless and transparent at all times. This way, you can free up your managerial time for other more important things.

Plus, With CTECH Consulting Group As Your Outsourced IT Department You’ll:

  • Have ready access to a team of IT experts with a breadth and depth of technology knowledge and experience— Something most small to mid-sized businesses could never afford with an in-house IT staff.
  • Benefit from our 24/7 Live Help Desk Support, to ensure your needs are quickly addressed, and information technology stays up and running at all times.
  • Avert security risks and compliance issues that can cost you dearly in legal liabilities, regulatory penalties, and your good reputation.
  • Save time. We have the resources to start new IT projects quickly, where it can take an in-house staff weeks or even months hiring and training the right people.

Cut your IT costs. Use CTECH Consulting Group as your Outsourced IT Department. For details, contact us at: (403) 457-1478 or