Alberta is preparing for a major downturn in its economy – the Canadian government has said that if oil prices stay as low as they currently are, the province’s bottom line will be $11 billion poorer over the next two years.

Calgary businesses of all kinds are being affected by the drop – from real estate agencies, dental practices, banks, and perhaps most of all energy companies. Fears have been raised regarding oil patch companies defaulting on their loans – this could create a domino effect resulting in a huge burden for banks and vast repercussions for the economy.

In these tough and uncertain times, it’s important to assess where your business in The Stampede City can cut expenses. Turning from internal IT support to outsourcing will save you money in addition to improving efficiency and keeping your system safer than ever.

If your business is relying on in-house IT support to uphold technology, switching to CTECH Consulting Group to provide your tech support an easy way to reign in costs.

With outsourced IT support you’ll have a team of professionals on hand around the clock to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary costs that come along with employing in-house technicians, such as benefits, vacation time and sick leave.
  • Protect your system and make sure that it’s running at peak performance at all times – we keep you constantly monitored so you’re always protected.
  • Cut costs on hardware, software and licenses by providing only the technologies your business requires.

To learn more about how switching to CTECH Consulting Group for your outsourced IT support will help cut costs, contact us at or (403) 457-1478 .