Outlook Customer Manager Helps Premier Water Removal Maintain Vital Business Relationships

As a part of Office 365, Outlook Customer Manager makes customer interaction an intuitive and simple process, helping Premier Water Removal to track key information, offer a consistent customer experience, and improve their customer relationships.

As a part of Office 365, Outlook Customer Manager makes customer interaction an intuitive and simple process, helping Premier Water Removal to track key information, offer a consistent customer experience, and improve their customer relationships.

The way businesses interact with customers has evolved in recent years thanks to innovations in technology. Where at one time, a small business owner just had to be good with names and faces to get maintain customer relationships, today there’s a lot more to it. So much of what a business does happens online, or at least in a digital format, and so there’s much more information available to business owners that are willing to pay attention.

Email chains, documentation, phone logs, and more – all of this is vital information that, if collected and harnessed properly, can help businesses like yours develop, maintain, and continually strengthen their relationships with customers. This is why customer relationship management is so important.

There are a lot of customer relationship management tools available today, so how can you know which is the best for you? Why not go with a trusted name in the business technology field?

Microsoft is the best choice for almost all daily work in the office, whether it’s Microsoft Word for document processing, Microsoft Outlook for email or Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets, so why not get the most out of those services? Microsoft Office 365 connects each and every Microsoft application with the cloud, which makes accomplishing your tasks — including those pertaining to customer relationship management — more convenient and user-friendly.

Case in point: Premier Water Removal.

Premier repairs water and fire damage and offers water extraction services to businesses in need. In a nutshell, when a business experiences a flood, they call Premier Water Removal.

Premier Water Removal was founded 2011 – at the time, the staff only had five employees, and boasted around a half million dollars in annual sales. Today? Premier Water Removal’s staff has grown to over 25 employees and now brings in $3 million in annual sales – that’s all thanks to Microsoft Office 365.

As Premier Water Removal Managing Partner Trevor Cressey puts it, “Office 365 was a huge part of that growth. Office 365 made it really easy for me to overhaul and IT-enable every process in the company”.

One of the key processes that Office 365 supports is customer relationship management. Using Outlook Customer Manager, Premier can track each and every aspect of their professional interactions with a given customer. Outlook Customer Manager offers a number of advantages and benefits, including:

  • Consolidated customer information: Outlook Customer Manager gathers all vital information about the customer in a single place, where it is easy to view, peruse, reference, update, and more.
  • Nothing overlook or lost: Tired of misplacing a key customer email in one of your dozens of Outlook folders? Outlook Customer Manager keeps all your customer emails together for simple indexing, and even gives you helpful reminders.
  • Seamless collaboration: Outlook Customer Manager makes it easy to share vital customer information with your whole team, keeping everyone on the same page, and ensuring a consistent experience for the customer no matter who they interact with.
  • Easy to launch: One of the best parts of Outlook Customer Manager is that you don’t have to install it to get started. It’s ready, waiting for you and your team to get started using it’s simple and intuitive interface that won’t require any extensive training for your team.
  • Work on the go: Depending on your business, the work you do with customers doesn’t always happen at your desk. That’s why Outlook Customer Manager can be accessed as needed on the go, from smartphone and tablets, so that team members working in the field have access to the same vital customer information as the rest of your team that works from the office.

Outlook Customer Manager is just one part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite – but what about everything else? More importantly, what can Microsoft Office 365 offer your business?

As the leading name in cloud business productivity software, Microsoft Office 365 has a plethora of services and features designed to help you and your employees do more each day:

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed: You can expect minimal downtime or inconvenient planned maintenance, allowing you and your employees to work efficiently and without delay.
  • Skype For Business: This service comes with the range of features necessary for truly effective communication between your business and its clients and prospects. You can schedule Skype for Business meetings, upload, share and view PowerPoint presentations, share your screen with other contacts, record all calls in high quality, check the availability of meeting attendees, and more.
  • Email and Calendar, On The Go: With Microsoft Outlook, you can seamlessly integrate your calendar features directly into your email, so that scheduling a meeting, responding to invites, and keeping track of your upcoming appointments is that much simpler.
  • Yammer: Microsoft Office 365 can even provide your business with its own private social network in Yammer. With each employee using a personalized profile, you can track progress on projects, share content and resources, and collaborate and communicate to provide feedback and praise once a task has been accomplished.
  • Comprehensive Availability: Microsoft Office 365 provides an undeniably convenient end user experience. You can access your own Microsoft Office 365 configuration with ease, via browser login on any Internet-capable device, the Outlook web app for email and calendar access, or simply at Office.com.

One of the most exciting things about Office 365 is the endless ways your business can use familiar programs to do something entirely new. Rather than investing time and money into customized software, you can use Excel to power customer engagement.

It’s not just old favorites like Excel that can simplify the way you get important work done each day. Skype for Business is part of the Office 365 package, giving you access to Skype’s many great features directly from your Outlook inbox. You can arrange and take meetings with the long list of people who will help you to grow your company. Branding consultants, accountants, and salespeople who are scattered across different parts of the country are still able to help to run things day-to-day through Skype, and the one-click call feature makes touching base with anyone you need to quick and easy.

Versatility and flexibility are Office 365’s best assets. The productivity suite is built to be used with laptops, smartphones, and tablets, which will allow your staff to work in the field and out of the office as much as they need to. This keeps jobs on track and makes sure customers are being taken care of.

The combination of apps and services Office 365 provides allows businesses to grow quickly and seamlessly while providing quality service to customers at the same time. There’s no sacrificing reliability for speed, or security for convenience. Your team is able to do exactly what they need to in order to give your customers the best possible service experience, and the time, effort, and expense your business saves by relying on one tool for all your important functions leaves you room to branch out and try new things. Your business can’t grow if all you’re doing is trying to keep up.

For more information about Outlook Customer Manager and Microsoft Office 365 and what they will do for your business, get in touch with the CTECH team at (403) 457-1478 or info@ctechgroup.net right away.