Did You See CTECH Consulting Group’s Carl Fransen On Global News?

Don’t leave your data security to chance – your personal and business information could be getting sold and exchanged online.

You might think that when you turn your phone in to a store to be recycled, it’s going to be wiped clean… well, in some cases you’re wrong. A woman from Calgary found that out recently when she found a cellphone with her personal information being sold on eBay.

The woman had dropped the phone off with her service provider Rogers back in February after it had been broken. With a year to go on her contract, she decided to leave it at her Beacon Hill store to be recycled. A month after purchasing a new phone she got an email from someone who purchased a phone on eBay – a phone that contained her personal information. The new buyer called to see if the phone had been stolen or if she could unlock and delete the iCloud account that was still active on it.

The woman said her text messages, family photos and personal contacts were all on that phone – yet when she complained to Rogers, they did nothing until Global News & Tony Tighe got involved. Rogers is now looking into the situation and said their policy was disregarded at that store and the employee who was working at the time is no longer working at the store.

Make Your Protection a Priority

We know it can be tough to account for everything, but we can talk to you about mobile device solutions to ensure you know how to keep your private data protected.

We can wipe data from phones or make sure you know how to reset them to their default before you discard or sell them. Especially with the amount of work being done and business data passed through or being viewed on mobile devices – maintaining security is essential. You can’t afford to let business or personal data fall into the wrong hands.

Stories like this are more common than you think.

To talk about mobile device solutions and how to ensure your phone is wiped clean before you’re done with it, contact CTECH Consulting Group at info@ctechgroup.net or by phone at (403) 457-1478 .