IT Services For Calgary Oil & Gas Industry

CTECH Consulting Group provides IT services and IT support to Calgary's Oil and Gas industry.

Calgary Oil & Gas Industry IT Specialists At CTECH Consulting Group

With more employees accessing systems in-house and remotely, having solid and secure IT infrastructure and systems are critical to the efficient running of oil and gas systems. At CTECH Consulting Group, we assist Oil and Gas companies to enhance their Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream oil and gas operations by providing industry-leading IT services and solutions.

Oil & Gas Clients in Calgary and across Western Canada

The ability to gather, analyze, and simplify data is today’s key to success for companies that produce oil and gas. Data is key to the oil and gas exploration and production processes. From in-house offices and remote offices to the major rigs,  every location needs to have systems in place that will ensure high-quality productivity and efficiency of applications. CTECH Consulting Group specializes in oil and gas IT solutions with a network of vendors and partners. Our technicians possess a thorough knowledge of the oil and gas industry, including compliance and regulatory requirements, compliance with industry laws and regulations, and more.

Calgary Oil and Gas IT Services

Quality and Reliable IT Services and Support in Calgary

No oil & gas company can solely operate under one roof. Oil and gas operations are combinations of management that can take place in several offices, along with numerous teams assigned to work out in the field, conducting survey work, or operating on rigs.

Supporting every network with the right IT is essential for productivity, growth, and success. When you make it easier for your employees to access critical information, whether they’re in the office, in the field, or on the rig, it will be easier for them to do their jobs. We offer reliable IT services and support that will improve your operations and put you in the best position to capitalize on your IT investments. Our comprehensive IT offerings include:

Cloud services: The cloud is not going anywhere. It will remain an essential part of business life for oil and gas companies. Over the past few years, cloud solutions have significantly taken over both the private and business worlds, offering all users the ability to access their data when, where, and how they want to. CTECH will host your cloud platform so you can use all cloud solutions in a more effective and efficient manner. Cloud platforms offer an affordable IT support foundation for you to leverage the cloud solutions that are the right fit for your organization.

You can use the cloud to:

  • Collaborate while you are mobile
  • Remain protected against internal and external threats
  • Keep costs low
  • Scale up or down

Network security services: Safeguard your data and network with firewalls, malware protection, network security, user authentication, and more. Back up your files and applications so everything is protected and that you are ready to recover if disaster strikes. There is no need to take risks, the CTECH experts can ensure your network security. The network is a vital part of the IT environment for oil and gas companies– that is why it is a key consideration in your IT security. Get reliable network security solutions with CTECH.

24/7 monitoring and support: CTECH provides reliable, cost-effective IT support for oil and gas companies to ensure all systems are functioning 24/7 and that significant downtime is eliminated. Our proactive 24/7 monitoring and support allow us to quickly pinpoint and address any vulnerabilities and risks that can cause significant downtime.

Remote Communications and Real-time Data

We understand your communications challenges – and CTECH is here to solve them. We provide remote communications solutions and real-time data services in support of oil and gas operations to enable key decisions to be made away from the site. Get remote communications coverage to allow real-time monitoring of oil and gas pipe systems for all situations.

Address Challenges with Oil and Gas Software Applications

The oil and gas industry continues to face a variety of demands and complexities, sometimes more than any other industry. When oil and gas reserves decline, companies will have to transition to remote environments and difficult working conditions. CTECH Consulting Group understands the compliance, health, and safety concerns surrounding the oil and gas industry. That is why we offer oil and gas software solutions to help companies in Calgary and across Western Alberta to manage operations.

Managed Security Ensures Your Field Data Systems And All Information Is Secured

CTECH will protect your critical data so you can have peace of mind when sharing private information with partners, suppliers, contractors, project managers, and employees. Our security solutions are highly effective and will ensure you are able to minimize threats and vulnerabilities.

Meeting Compliance Requirements for Publicly Traded Firms on the Toronto and New York Exchanges

Achieving compliance can be a challenging and time-consuming task that can drain your management team’s time and resources. Going through the procedures to implement and document the processes correctly so you can pass an audit can be frightening and challenging, especially if you are not familiar with IT. CTECH can help by providing you with a consultation and an assessment to ensure you meet all compliance requirements that are in place for publicly traded firms on the Toronto and New York Exchanges. After an assessment, we can help you implement the proper security controls, and advise your team on what will follow. A compliance assessment is a critical tool to help position your oil and gas company to gain a competitive advantage and find success.

Why Choose CTECH As Your Trusted Oil And Gas Industry IT Services Partner?

A dependable technology IT infrastructure properly managed by an IT provider that understands the oil and gas industry is critical for your business to grow and succeed. You need a partner with a thorough knowledge of IT technologies, but also one that has an understanding of the ins and outs of operating an oil and gas company. At CTECH, we are proud to offer a variety of IT and cybersecurity solutions for oil and gas companies. The CTECH team has the skills and experience to keep your operations and your data safe while ensuring we always communicate with you on the threats and risks you may face.

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