Searching For A New IT Company To Support Your Calgary Oil & Gas Company?

Companies in Calgary’s oil and gas industry face complex IT issues unique to their sector. With remote employees needing to access and share large amounts of data from locations all over the world, oil & gas IT support becomes a critical component of successful day-to-day operations.

When looking for IT services, oil and gas companies in Calgary turn to CTECH Consulting Group. Our professional staffs of engineers and system techs understand the oil and gas industry. We work with companies every day to help build, maintain, protect and optimize network operations.

You have your choice of IT companies in Calgary. With CTECH as your partner, you’ll have the expertise to deliver quality experiences to your employees and customers, improve efficiency across the enterprise, and develop solutions that solve your most pressing problems.

How Can I Keep Remote Sites Connected?

Your employees are likely deployed all over the country and the world. Keeping them connected with reliable telephone and data services is critical, regardless of the region, conditions or equipment being used. We help develop reliable, rugged IT networks that maintain connectivity across different devices and operating systems, no matter what the conditions are.

Remote work also has other important challenges. CTECH can help develop tools and processes to address these complexities of field work. Our systems use the newest technologies to develop, report and monitor quality management aspects of your work; track tools and equipment; and protect sensitive information. For your complex manufacturing and engineering needs in the field, we provide solutions for power, connectivity, data sharing, and analytics.

What Does a Cloud Solution Provide for Our Industry?

Exploration, drilling and production all require the collection, storage and transmission of large data sets. Cloud solutions are ideal for maintaining and using this data in real time. With cloud storage, your employees will be able to access and use information no matter where they are.

CTECH also provides support, maintenance and monitoring of the top software solutions used in exploration, production, GIS mapping, office productivity and accounting. We help oil and gas companies with integrated solutions that allow for more transparent data, better insights, and faster, better-informed decisions by your employees.

How Does a Managed Solution Keep Data Safe?

Data is at risk from hackers and corporate espionage at all times. That means you need a system that keeps your data, devices and users protected constantly.

CTECH provides firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spam programs, and other tools that protect against malware and other kinds of cybercrime. We couple those protections with 24/7 monitoring of your data and systems. When we detect unusual patterns, suspicious activity or questionable access to systems, we’ll immediately take steps to identify the issue and resolve it quickly. If a hacker does try to gain access to your system, these tools and monitoring are designed to stop them before any significant damage can occur.

Does Managed IT Help With Updates and Software Upgrades?

Keeping software updated helps to protect against cyberattacks and keep your systems running smoothly. We’ll manage software updates, license renewals, hardware contracts and provide remote support. These assets are critical for your employees to continue working at optimal levels. We make sure that patches and upgrades are done to minimize service disruption and keep your devices and apps operating properly.

Where Can I Get Help With IT Planning?

New technologies are emerging at a fevered pace. Automation, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, the Internet of Things and business analytics are all technologies that have burst forth in the past few years. Innovations to these technologies and new opportunities are emerging daily.

The dizzying pace of technological change is daunting. That’s why you need a trusted technology advisor. At CTECH, we act as your virtual chief information officer. We’ll give you the insights, perspective, industry knowledge, and recommendations to help you make the most of emerging tech.

Our insights don’t stop there. We can assess your IT infrastructure too, making sure that you’re using the right equipment and configurations to optimize your technology stack, improve network performance and make your employees more productive.

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