Day1 Wake Forges New Path with Microsoft Office 365

 Day1 Wake was founded by Bryce McDonald with the philosophy that each day is an opportunity to strike for improvement. This means improving one step at a time, day by day and with the idea that it is the first day of the rest of your life. Bryce felt that as the founder of […]

Day1 Wake was founded by Bryce McDonald with the philosophy that each day is an opportunity to strike for improvement. This means improving one step at a time, day by day and with the idea that it is the first day of the rest of your life. Bryce felt that as the founder of Day1 Wake, he needed to improve the tools and methods used to run his business. Bryce was operating very much like a one-man band, however, Day1 Wake still needed to work with clients and vendors to ensure the delivery and creation of custom surfboards around the world.

“I need to keep in touch each day with my customers and vendors,” says Bryce McDonald, founder of Day1 Wake. “This used to be a problem because I’m often out testing wakeboards on the water where there’s no internet or Wi-Fi service. Once I discovered Office 365 this was no longer an issue.”

Office 365 is a complete platform that’s comprised of email, social networking, instant messaging, online meetings, personal file sharing and more. Because it’s in the cloud the information is always accessible and secure. This means that people like Bryce can do business from anywhere.

“Office 365 is an amazing productivity tool!”

With Office 365, those at Day1 Wake are able to store and share files on OneDrive for Business. Files can be synced across multiple devices and access is secure and reliable. Furthermore, each individual is given 1TB of cloud storage for their files. With Office 365 files can be shared via smartphones or other mobile devices. This means that Bryce and others at Day1 Wake are always available to clients or vendors to take care of their needs or answer their questions. OneDrive for Business also allows input from approved users, including real-time collaborations.

Protecting information is often a main concern for companies, and Day1 Wake is no exception here. With Exchange Online those at Day1 Wake can communicate securely through email. Software that supports anti-malware and anti-spam filters is essential in ensuring safe communication. Exchange Online keeps your mailboxes safe and uses data-loss prevention to guarantee that information is sent only to the desired recipients. By encrypting data at rest and in transmission file safety is ensured.

“It’s securely powered by the cloud and allows optimal communication.”

Office 365’s Group option allows those at Day1 Wake to form groups that are tailored to the needs of their clients. As the company grows they will be able to keep track of groups on various projects throughout the business.

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) financial management system. Day1 Wake has implemented ERP financial management systems along with Power Business Intelligence (BI). Through these use of these programs, Bryce and his company can now spot trends and focus on what matters. Furthermore, this data can be connected to other applications outside of Office 365 if so desired.

“It’s also installed on our local devices, so we still have control.”

Planner is also a useful tool offered in Office 365. With Planner, certain responsibilities can be assigned to individual members of the company, and project management becomes much simpler. By using the Flow application in tandem with the Planner, automated workflows can be generated, to ensure the productivity of Day1 Wake. With the use of Power Apps this information can be transmitted to all necessary devices such as iPads, Androids, and more.

Another useful tool is Skype for Business. This lets those working at Day1 Wake to use instant messaging and both audio and video calling, online meetings, availability information, and sharing capabilities for their communication needs. What makes it even better is that all of these services are available from the same program. This program is quick and easy to use, making contact with clients and vendors even more accessible.

“In terms of security, I never worry.”

Office 365 offers security services to ensure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands. Office 365 offers:

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Rights Management Services

With these services, you can rest assured that your files are safe and taken care of. Mobile devices are secured through the Mobile Device Management services, making sure that you are able to work on a smartphone or tablet just as safe as you work on a desktop or other non-mobile device. With Data Loss Prevention, Day1 Wake can feel relaxed in knowing that their information is protected. And with the Rights Management Services, the company can see who is looking at the information they share, to make sure it is only being seen by the appropriate personnel.

“Plus, Microsoft provides 24/7 real-time support for any critical issues, and they’re always available if we need help.”

After implementing Office 365 and the various services they provide to their clients, Bryce and his company managed to catch the eye of Inland Surfer Inc. In September 2016 Day1 Wake merged with Inland Surfer Inc., all thanks to the useful tools offered by Office 365.

With Office 365 Day1 Wake was able to make great accomplishments and fulfill their potential. CTECH can help you do the same. Call (403) 457-1478 or reach out via email at