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You can start a new Calgary business in just 4 hours! How? Modern Workplace and CTECH Consulting Group. Watch our new video.

CTECH Starts A New Calgary Business In 4 Hours

Due to the pandemic, businesses have had to change how they operate. One of the areas that have greatly been affected is that employees are no longer able to meet in the office space. This has made it necessary to embrace remote work, allowing team members to work from different locations. However, for enhanced collaboration and communication, there is a need to remodel the workplace. Carl Fransen, the Founder and CEO of CTECH Consulting Group, shares how his company set up a modern workplace in four hours following the pandemic.

He says that companies can use the same model to set up an entirely new business from scratch or remodel an existing one.

Put Your Systems on the Cloud

The cloud refers to a central location on the internet where you store data to make it accessible anytime and from anywhere. Any connected device can provide access, be it a laptop, desktop, or tablet. Embracing the cloud will not only help you reach a wider customer base but will also save you time and money. Also known as cloud computing, the approach allows your business to run various software applications while streamlining how you share information.

Cloud computing also provides the benefit of data backup. The cloud serves as a fail-safe solution in the event of a server attack, crash, or any other data loss. It also serves as software as a service, (SaaS) infrastructure as a service, or platform as a service solution for your business. Examples include Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and QuickBooks that provide you a platform to run your business in the form of service.

The advantages of cloud computing are numerous. In addition to boosting productivity and promoting innovation, it also:

  • Helps maintain consistency between your team members: When they are working on the same digital file, they can correct mistakes or make updates in real-time. Data is also automatically synced across all devices letting your team use the most recent versions of files.
  • It allows users to use specialized programs and software not commonly used at home. Users can access all types of files and applications from home as though they were in an office. By removing the entry barrier, employees can use the programs they’re comfortable with regardless of their location.
  • Cost-efficiency- the cost of buying server equipment doesn’t come cheap and requires time and expertise. Servers are also prone to downtime, making cloud computing better as it doesn’t come with all these downsides. While the cost of cloud service is still a monthly expense, it’s manageable and worth it in the long run.

Once your systems, applications, and data are on the cloud, allow access to your remote and in-office employees for seamless collaboration.

Wrap Security Around Your Cloud Computing Solution

As you make the transition to the cloud, you also must address security and compliance concerns about the cloud solution. Security in the cloud differs from security in your corporate data center. The rules applicable are different, considering you have no physical control over the infrastructure. When leveraging cloud services, consider:

  • Data encryption for data in storage and transit
  • Data security
  • Privacy controls to limit who has access to your data
  • Maintenance and management control provided by the service provider to keep the software updated.

Data Security on the Cloud

Using strong passwords for your online accounts is crucial, especially for accounts that store sensitive and private information. Unfortunately, cyberattack due to weak passwords is still prevalent. In 2020, for example, a cyberattack directed at the Canadian government platforms led to the closure of web access to most of its online portals. The attack involved stolen usernames and passwords, which were gathered fraudulently and used to access personal accounts.

This calls for the importance of using an extra layer of security for your online accounts. Multi-factor authentication makes it difficult for hackers and people without authorized access to get into your systems or access your data. With the settings, everyone who tries to sign in to your accounts will have to provide additional information to the username and password.

Popular methods of multi-factor authentication include:

  • Answering a secret question
  • Inputting a secret code texted or emailed to you by the cloud service provider
  • Providing a unique personal identification number

Alternatively, you can use an authenticator app like Google or Microsoft authenticator.

Add Communications Platforms

Your new business setup on the cloud will not be complete without tools for communication. The team members need to collaborate in real-time, and it’s only prudent that you make this easy for them. With cloud communication, they can call, text, or chat among themselves with ease.

When choosing a cloud communication vendor, don’t just look at the cost. While the total cost-benefit will be a driving factor, you must look at the technical elements behind the service. The aim is to enhance collaboration and communication within the team.

The user experience should be at the forefront of the factors you consider. Which features does the platform provide for advanced communication and collaboration? Instant messaging, web conferencing, audio, voicemail and unified messaging, and contact center are crucial features your business needs.

When you make the right choice in choosing a cloud communication platform, your business will benefit from:

  • Multiplatform unification of instant messaging, voice calling, and real-time chatting
  • Mobility and remote connectivity as your team can join in from anywhere as long as they have the communication platform on their devices
  • Rapid scaling than what is available with conventional Public Switched Telephone Network communication infrastructure
  • Financial flexibility that enables you to scale at will and pay only for the services that you use
  • Network redundancy: With cloud communications, some safeguards establish a redundant network to meet uptime and avoid service interruption. This helps to keep you connected to your customers online at all times.

Final Thoughts

There you have it; what it takes to put up a business with a modern workplace in the shortest time possible. However, as you might realize, these steps could be complex for a business owner without the technical know-how. Choosing a reliable cloud service provider and a communication platform that will meet your business needs can be hectic.

That’s where we come in to help. At CTECH Consulting Group, we are all about helping businesses in Calgary overcome challenges and create efficiency by leveraging technology. Call us today to schedule an initial consultation, and find out how we can upscale your business IT needs.