Network Installation Services In Calgary

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Network Installation Services In Calgary

Today, in a fast-paced digital business environment, every business owner must implement a reliable IT infrastructure to stay relevant and competitive. Therefore, working with established local managed service providers (MSPs) in Calgary will help increase your bottom line. CTECH Consulting Group is a reputable company that provides a diverse array of IT solutions, digital and network installation services for organizations throughout Calgary and its environs. Here are some of the network installation services and IT solutions that CTECH Consulting Group will help you with.

Network Installation Services

Network Installation Services By CTECH

1.    LAN and WAN Network Installation Services

Local Area Network (LAN) is fast-speed connectivity designed to share a common network in a single physical location. Whereas a Wide Area Network spans over a relatively wide area, it typically provides a low-speed connection and normally serves remote nodal ends of a Local Area Network. LANs use a Virtual Private Network for an end-to-end nodal connection for communication without internet access.

2.    VPN or Remote Access Setup and Configuration

This is a technology tool you can use to remotely and securely access your organization’s network resources. Small to large businesses in various fields can benefit from different types of VPN solutions, such as:

  • Cloud VPN- It’s a technology that allows employees to access cloud-backed up information.
  • Remote Access VPN- A network that employees can access from the comfort of their homes or holiday destinations.
  • SD-WAN VPN- It’s a favorite option for enterprises that have wide location coverage and necessitate the use of both cloud-based VPN and Remote Access VPN.

3.    Wireless Networking Services

— This is a network that enables a nodal connection without network cables. It utilizes radio transmissions with a set bandwidth to enable optimum nodal communication. A wireless network installation has several benefits, namely security, affordability, and reliability.

They are varied into:

  • Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN)– they transmit signals within a short area coverage, usually not more than 100 meters.
  • Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)-designed to provide transmission within a localized area or premise.
  • Wireless Metropolitan Area (WMAN) – while it works the same, it covers a metropolis or city.
  • Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) -it’s a cellular transmission technology that enables people to make phone calls and access the internet.

4.    Network Security Services

This is an infrastructure that is webbed under networks to prevent unauthorized access to the network and data. Its core function is to ensure a safe working environment for your enterprise with the utmost data protection. The system is built with multiple layers that restrict access to unauthorized personnel. This level of security also guards your business against phishing and malware attacks.

5.    Network Maintenance

For the comprehensive and general workability of a network, maintenance is crucial. A poorly maintained network is a recipe for regular software and hardware breakdowns. Some of the ways your business can benefit from our network maintenance services include:

  • Reliability check– We’ll ensure your network is secure and there is no unwarranted access to the network
  • Expansion– It’s crucial and necessary that your network is maintained to serve the enterprise as it grows.
  • Monitoring– A well-maintained network ensures optimum performance without breaches.

6.    Windows Active Directory Setup

This is a Windows feature that enables you to store and track data on a working network. It eases the usability of a network by allowing you to access initially open data without many procedural technicalities.

7.    Setup for Windows, Mac, Linux, or Unix Networking Systems

If your day-to-day business operations include the usage of either Windows, Mac, Linux, or Unix operating systems, we can help with the network installation services. These are optimized operating systems that can ease the daily routine of operations.

8.    Server and PC Setup

A good network installation dictates a good server for optimum service. So, finding a good server is a nearly compulsory choice, and we can help with its installation. Similarly, a good PC setup is crucial and necessary.

9.    Cloud Services and How to Connect to the Network 

A cloud-based backup is necessary for continual reference and information sourcing of your business data. More growing businesses are deploying cloud services because it’s a safe and non-bulky solution. A VPN is the safest and swiftest way to access cloud services to either public or private clouds.

10.    Data Cabling and other Low Voltage Cabling Services

Data cabling is a form of connectivity to the internet using a cable. Primarily, a cable that utilizes not more than 50v. Similarly, a low voltage cable is used to power technological gadgets such as phones and household electronics.

11.    Internet Access and Internet Security

More businesses are now realizing the importance of securing their data from unauthorized access and possibly theft. So, it’s imperative that you partner with a reliable managed IT service provider that will boost your cybersecurity posture. Cybercriminals are always developing more sophisticated malware to try and hack business networks. Therefore, if you can access the right cybersecurity resources, you’ll be positioned to protect your business.

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As a business owner, you need to be proactive when it comes to choosing the right business opportunities to pursue and how to reduce the cost of production. For instance, consider exploring ways you can reduce your IT capital costs, such as removing on-premise servers and migrating to the cloud and scaling up your operations based on your size and specific needs. In addition, you should try IT solutions that don’t expose your business to financial risks; you can test a new technology without necessarily investing in some new hardware. Always make sure your IT investments flow with your business model and meet your organizational goals.

CTECH Consulting Group is a well-known service provider in IT in Calgary and its neighborhoods, including Edmonton, Vancouver & Saskatoon. Our goal is to help businesses build a solid culture through IT and overcome all their IT challenges to become more profitable. Outsourcing your IT needs to an external team of IT specialists comes with its perks, such as reduced overhead expenses and access to industry-grade IT resources. Contact our IT experts today if you need to learn more about how to transform your business’s IT infrastructure to help you scale.