Delivering Security and Productivity Within the Cloud on Every Device

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We are living in a global, mobile economy.

Let us provide your team with the ability to do business securely on the move.

We enable the way YOU want to do business! – Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device.


Aren’t you TIRED OF CHANGING PASSWORDS every time an employee changes jobs or leaves the company?

Let us equip you with the ability to manage one password for each employee that gives them access to all the applications and websites needed to do their job. This will enable you to reduce help-desk costs, increase productivity, and improve security.

WORRIED ABOUT IDENTITY THEFT and criminals using your passwords?

The pattern of an individual’s computer use is as unique as a fingerprint. We analyze how someone uses their computer and determine their identity from those markers – not simply relying on a password.

Do you WONDER WHO IS ACCESSING YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION and where your files are being forwarded?

We’ll give you the ability to encrypt each document and securely send it to people outside your organization. Only the people you authorize will be able to read, print, copy, and/or edit that document. Time limitations for file use add to the level of security.

WOULD YOUR TEAM BE MORE EFFICIENT if they could access their desktop from anywhere on any device?

Desktop virtualization saves you money and gives you the flexibility to securely run your windows desktop and applications on any machine (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) at any location.


We’ll provide you with automatic, remote maintenance, updates, and patches for your apps and data on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Let’s get started. Give us a call now at (403) 457-1478 or send an email to