Mike Parisotto Brings Even More Expertise To The CTECH Team — And To Our Clients Too

Our team is an extension of our clients’ teams — that’s why it’s important for you to know a little about the experts we hire to join it. Every investment we make in our personnel has a direct effect on your success.

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to the CTECH team: Mike Parisotto, who is rejoining CTECH as a Technical Operations Manager.

Why should you care? Because whoever is in charge of your IT should be important to you. They’re managing a vital part of your business, and so, each and every member of that IT team needs to bring experience and skill to what they do.

The fact is that IT support isn’t just a matter of getting someone to handle something you don’t have time for. You’re not hiring someone for unskilled labor — you should be hiring someone that has knowledge and skills that you don’t have yourself. You should be paying for an expert.

Who Is Mike Parisotto?

Prior to working with CTECH, Mike achieved success in the field, with over 20 years’ experience as an Account Manager, Service Delivery Manager, Business Analyst, vCIO, and VP Service and Operations.

Mike brings with him a passion for operations and customer service. Boasting a range of experience with the industry’s best PSA tools, he has successfully implemented processes and automation to help improve customer service for the clients he has served.

Thanks to his technical background, Mike is able to identify problems quickly and implement solutions to improve his team’s performance. This leadership, in turn, elevates his team’s passion for customer service.

Mike is a proponent of training and is happy to be part of an organization like CTECH that puts its employees and their families first, which in turn leads to an excellent culture of customer experience.

Why Should Our Latest Hire Matter To You?

The members of our team should matter to you because they are, in effect, members of your team. If you’re not paying attention to the people taking care of your IT, how much can you really trust them?

Whether you manage an internal IT team or outsource to a company like CTECH, you need to be confident in their ability to keep your systems optimized and secure. That’s why we share the news of our recent hires with the public — we’re committed to only hiring experienced and knowledgeable IT experts. When we do make an investment in a new team member, we want our clients to know about it.

Can you say the same of your current IT company? Or your current IT team?

Why Do You Need IT Expertise?

Given the wealth of knowledge available online, and how user-friendly technology is getting these days, you may be skeptical that expertise and experience are even that necessary to support your IT.

Unfortunately, you would be wrong about that.

Sure, with enough research and time available to you, you might be able to find a solution to your IT problem every now and then. But, even if that’s the case, time is a resource you don’t always have– that’s why you should invest in the expertise you need to offload the work altogether.

CTECH Has The IT Expertise Calgary Businesses Are Looking For

Our team, with the recent addition of Mike Parisotto, has the expertise and experience you need to totally offload your IT concerns. We’ll manage your IT environment, keeping everything up to date, secure, and optimized. If you get a chance to talk to Mike sometime soon, make sure to welcome him to the CTECH team.