Benefits Of Using Microsoft Teams

The world is an ever-changing place, and successfully navigating unforeseen circumstances is one of the largest determinants of an organization’s lifespan. Many business owners find that utilizing external expertise can be the best way to help predict the future. Managed IT services, for example, can often be useful to help business owners prepare for technology-related problems before they happen. However, uncertainty is not always bad as it can surprise you in a good way. For example, purchasing a product for one purpose, but discovering other fantastic impacts. Here are a few ways you might be surprised by the benefits of using Microsoft Teams.

CTECH Reveals Five Unexpected Perks Of Using Microsoft Teams For Your Remote Collaboration


More Efficient Collaboration

Have you ever noticed how much time you spend managing a collaboration process? Do you alert members regarding meetings or updates via phone calls, emails, or a group chat message board? How do you ensure that every member of your team is working from the same version of a document? Microsoft Teams users almost always find that the process of managing remote collaboration becomes much easier after installing the application. The software automates so many administrative tasks that it becomes easier to focus on the actual goals.

Onboarding and Training New Team Members Is Easier

Human resource shifting is a part of any organizational culture. Keeping a team productive means finding a way to continue operating regardless of personnel changes. Onboarding is the process of getting a new team member familiar with the history, challenges, and objectives of the group. Because Teams saves video meetings, chats, presentations, and files, any new members can quickly research the group’s entire history. That saves the team leaders from needing to spend time training new recruits.

Breaking Down Silos Can Be Easier

The more a team works together, the more they can begin to build a common team culture. While that central ground can make discussions easier, it can make it harder to interact with outsiders. Rigid separations between teams can also make it harder to innovate and solve problems that affect the entire organization. Using Microsoft Teams essentially creates a detailed timeline of the group’s cultural development. By granting outsiders guest access to your team, you provide them with instant insight into your group culture.

Strategic Cohesion

Mission creep is one of the most insidious threats to team success. Over time, it is possible for groups to lose focus regarding the initial purpose of the team. Especially in the absence of growing resources, increasing the scale or breadth of responsibilities makes it harder to accomplish the original goals. The long term record created by Microsoft Teams makes referring to the initial purpose statements a simple matter. That can help the team to remain in touch with the reason they exist.

Full Team Effort Because More Likely

Team success often depends on the level of intrateam effort. Most members of the team are on the team for a specific reason. Group success requires them contributing their talents and experience as necessary. However, schedule conflicts and geography can often make collaboration difficult. Because Teams makes remote collaboration simple, every member of the team can participate fully regardless of location. Even if a member misses a meeting, they can still review notes and watch presentations before contributing via the chat function.

Make The Most Of Your Remote Operation

CTECH can help you make the most of your operation by maximizing your experience with Microsoft Teams. We can help you take full advantage of remote collaboration to ensure business continuity and long-term productivity. Contact CTECH today to set up a free consultation!