Questions To Ask When Interviewing Microsoft Support Companies

Business leaders are tasked with hiring experienced Microsoft support in Calgary. That's why IT support interviewers should ask these seven questions.

7 Questions To Ask Your Calgary Microsoft IT Support Team

Whether you own or operate a small, mid-sized or large company, it’s imperative that you have outstanding Microsoft Support in Calgary. Outsourcing IT requires working with a Microsoft support company that can deliver real-time solutions for Windows 10, Office Solutions, Windows servers, and others. When systems falter, so does your organization’s productivity and profitability.

That’s why it’s important to work with a talented IT team that provides high-level Microsoft support in Calgary and the surrounding area. But before signing on with the first outfit that tells you they are a certified Microsoft support company, consider interviewing them. By asking pertinent questions about their expertise in a variety of platforms, you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff in the Calgary IT support field.

1: What Microsoft Certifications Does An IT Support Team Need?

Certifications are a must that any top-tier Microsoft support company should possess. At a minimum, a prospective IT support team would need expertise in the following four essential areas.

  • Software: Platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 are standard products that the vast majority of PC networks rely on for business fundamentals.
  • Hardware: While knowledge about software protocols is necessary, the ability to back up systems and data to hardware is a must.
  • Devices: Businesses and organizations at every level benefit from technology integration. Mobile devices and other electronics are as vital as desktops. The right IT support team must be able to work across devices and keep programs such as Windows 10 synchronized.
  • The Cloud: Online applications are now front and center. High-level IT support demands certifications in items such as Microsoft OneDrive and seamless Azure cloud integration. A top Calgary Microsoft support company is expected to help you keep vital data just a click away regardless of your present location.

2: Are You Prepared For Windows Server Challenges?

Although the overwhelming majority of today’s businesses rely on technology, few fully appreciate the ongoing challenges of the tech era. Consider that Windows Server 2003 became almost completely outdated in July 2015. Microsoft no longer produces security patches, leaving it at risk.

That is just one example of the whirlwind upgrades of the ever-changing software industry. Since the Windows Server 2003, operating systems have included Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server NT, Windows Server 2016, and others. Each will time out. Many outfits are now preparing to transition to Windows Server 2019, and it is likely to have considerable challenges.

3: Does Microsoft Azure Make Sense For My Company?

A savvy Microsoft support company ought to back the use of Azure because of it’s a flexible and dynamic platform that enjoys compatibility with the more prominently trending software programs. That being said, Azure can also help to augment IT infrastructure and may work as a hybrid cloud solution bridge. When selecting Microsoft support in Calgary, an Azure certified IT support team would understand the analytic, data-sharing and application benefits.

4: What Common Problems Can I Expect From Windows 10?

Regardless of how dynamic an application may be, it’s commonly known that each requires some level of IT support. An astute Microsoft support company should already know the prevalent issues that Windows 10 users have experienced. These include the following.

  • PC experiences slow boot-up times.
  • Files may open in wrong application.
  • Excessive notifications.
  • Incorrect privacy settings.
  • Excessive pop-ups.
  • System Restore goes AWOL.
  • Printer troubleshooting needed.

An experienced Calgary Microsoft IT Support company ought to be able to rattle off solutions to these well-known problems. Not having the answer to this little test without a cheat sheet may indicate inexperience.

5: How Can My Microsoft Office 365 Be Customized For Business?

This package has become a household name in personal and business software for a good reason. It can be tailored to strategically meet individual and business needs in a variety of ways. Naturally, highly specialized uses are usually the purview of professional IT support techs.

A strong Calgary-area IT support outfit can seamlessly migrate your staff members’ mobile devices to connect with in-house systems and cloud access. Present your unique business goals and get an answer about how an IT company can best customize your 365 capabilities.

6: How Can The Internet of Things (IoT) Impact My Business?

The existential connectivity expected from the IoT by 2020 seems like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. The IoT is a vast network of physical objects that are embedded with technology in a way that allows cross-communication. For businesses that benefit from up-to-the-second information about products moving through a supply chain, the IoT can enable you to make critical business decisions based on real-time data.

If you are not necessarily a tech-savvy individual, the IoT offers the knowledge that can give you a competitive edge or result in a data breach. A high-level IT support outfit must stand ready to deliver on cutting-edge IoT strategies and protect you from bad actors who could hack your systems.

7: Explain How Strategic Microsoft IT Support Best Practices Work?

The further immersed an organization becomes in technology, the more moving parts it has to manage. Consider that Microsoft application customization, IoT, and use of the cloud will all also create further opportunities for a nefarious incursion. An experienced Calgary-area IT support outfit can work with your team members to develop specific best practice protocols to minimize data breach threats. Leaders in Microsoft support in Calgary are prepared to implement the best possible security measures to protect your business.

Work With An Experienced Microsoft Support Company In Calgary

Experienced proactive IT support remains a critical aspect of doing business in the technology age. Given that applications and platforms are sometimes undergoing radical shifts, today’s business leaders are tasked with outsourcing essential IT support to experienced Microsoft-certified teams. That’s why businesses can count on the CTECH Consulting Group, a leader in the greater Calgary area.