The right tools can give any business the ability to thrive and succeed – something Microsoft knows well.

We recently shared a great video courtesy of Microsoft that highlights the story of LA-based Premier Water Removal, a small business that specializes in fire and water damage restoration services. Microsoft Office 365 has played a huge roll in allowing the company to grow and thrive, and much of what was discussed is worth taking a closer look at.

Office 365’s versatility makes it easy to overhaul and IT-enable every process within a company. As a subscription-based cloud-powered productivity solution, adding new users to your Microsoft account is fast and simple. The subscription model – which comes in different level to match your business’ needs, size, and budget – means that instead of paying for new licenses each time you add to your team, all you have to do is add a new user to your existing setup. New users are easy to configure, requiring little to no help from Microsoft or your IT provider.

One of the most exciting things about Office 365 is the endless ways your business can use familiar programs to do something entirely new. Rather than investing time and money into customized software, Premier Water Removal decided to use Excel to power customer engagement. Using a continuously updated spreadsheet shared to screens through their office, they’re able to let clients know what the status of all active engagements is. Think of it as the Arrivals/Departures board at a busy transit hub, but one that tracks calls and jobs and is built using a simple and straightforward program that is part of a software bundle you’ve already paid for.

And it’s not just old favorites like Excel that can simplify the way you get important work done each day. Skype for Business is part of the Office 365 package, giving you access to Skype’s many great features directly from your Outlook inbox. Premier Water Removal uses this tool to their full advantage, arranging and taking meetings with the long list of people who are helping them to grow their company. Branding consultants, accountants, and salespeople who are scattered across different parts of the country are still able to help to run things day-to-day through Skype, and the one-click call feature makes touching base with anyone you need to quick and easy.

Versatility and flexibility are Office 365’s best assets. The productivity suite is built to be used with laptops, smartphones, and tablets, which lets Premier Water Removal staff send photos and job order updates from the field in real-time from their fleet of Surface Pros. This keeps jobs on track and makes sure customers are being taken care of.

The combination of apps and services Office 365 provides allows businesses to grow quickly and seamlessly while providing quality service to customers at the same time. There’s no sacrificing reliability for speed, or security for convenience. Your team is able to do exactly what they need to in order to give your customers the best possible service experience, and the time, effort, and expense your business saves by relying on one tool for all your important functions leaves you room to branch out and try new things. Your business can’t grow if all you’re doing is trying to keep up.

When your technology isn’t one headache after another, it leaves space for your staff to be there for customers in the ways that matter, offering care, attention, and compassion to each and every one of them. Regardless of what industry or specialty your business operates in, the need to make a positive and lasting impression on your customers is huge. Give a customer nothing but great things to say about the way they were treated and the work you did for them, and they’ll be glad to talk you up to colleagues, family, and friends.

And its infinitely easier to put effort into the little things and go that extra mile to impress your customers when your business has the technology in place to pick up the slack. Microsoft Office 365 was created to meet those needs and provide a framework for businesses to build their success one. With Office 365 powering your business, the only limits you’ll face are your own ambitions.

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