Microsoft Office 365 is the latest “golden” product, and it seems that everyone is switching to it.

You’ve heard raves about how incredible the savings are.  But you can’t help but wonder—can it really be true?  Can Office 365 really be that different from every other software solution on the market?

The latest installment of the Microsoft Office Suite delivers on what it promises.  Advantages of Office 365 come in many forms, but all of them point to increased productivity and substantial financial savings.  What could be better?  It’s a win-win situation for every business owner.

Still, it all sounds just a little too good to be true.

One of the greatest strengths of Office 365 is the fact that is both affordable and customizable. With this latest Microsoft Office version, there is no further need for expensive servers and licensing fees.  And perhaps best of all, it is user friendly!

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The benefits are easy to see.  But where do the savings come in?

Subscription services = substantial savings

The savings gained by subscribing to Office 365 are multi-pronged.  In the past, most software programs require expensive licensing fees or a one-time flat cost for a perpetual model software program.  But with these models, you got exactly that—the version you purchased.  Software updates were at an additional cost to you.  Upgrades had to be purchased separately and often required costly installation by IT professionals.  And the software you originally procured just didn’t quite work right without doing the upgrades.  It was like being a hamster trapped on a proverbial IT wheel—the process was never-ending, high cost, incredibly frustrating, and there was no way off.

With Office 365, there is an affordable monthly subscription fee – making it easily financially accessible for all businesses.  Gone are the days of paying for updates or even needing an IT professional to install them.  The new Office 365 is user-friendly.  Your own staff can easily add and manage user accounts.  Upgrades are provided automatically with your subscription and are simple and efficient to complete.  So, you save on the huge upfront software purchase cost, and you save on the elimination of many IT labor bills for updates and upgrades.

Most people hate the idea of predictability, but when it comes to monthly payments knowing what’s coming out your pocket is very helpful.  With a monthly subscription service, you know exactly how much your IT is going to cost.  There are no unexpected bills coming your way.  Your licensing fees are conveniently included in your monthly subscription fee.  No more outrageous flat fees for the privilege of using software.  It’s all part of your subscription package.

Reduced IT infrastructure=reduced cost

In the past, software packages required high maintenance servers and additional hardware acquisitions for businesses.  These, of course, required outside support to keep regulated and functioning properly.  But more than that, procuring them was a huge upfront expense to a business.  Office 365 eliminates all of that.  IT infrastructure can be streamlined and reduced, and outside IT maintenance and repair support needed is minimized.  Less equipment + minimal external IT support = more money in your pocket!  The overall capital required to acquire the software you need is dramatically reduced.

Progress in productivity=pennies saved

Savings don’t just come with fewer upfront expenditures.  If your employees are equipped to get more work done in less time, that equates to substantial financial gain for you as well.  Office 365 delivers on productivity potential!

How can Office 365 increase my business’ productivity? 

Since Office 365 is cloud-based, it is able to be used on any device, mobile or otherwise.  This automatically increases office productivity by giving your staff the freedom and flexibility to work from any device, at any time, and anywhere in the world.  No longer are staff tied to their office desks.  No matter where they are, and no matter what you need—Office 365 gives them to the tools to get the job done.

This cloud-based computing enables your staff to get more done, more efficiently, and with improved work quality.

How does Office 365 do this?

Office 365 eliminates common time wasters and streamlines repetitive tasks thus enabling your staff to complete their daily work more effectively.  This buys them back time in their work day which frees them up to complete other important assignments for you.  The ability to get more done in the run of a work day saves you money in the long run!

More than this, Office 365 has improved its tools with an eye to helping you increase your productivity.  With Office 365, you have cloud-based software which allows you remote access, secure storage, and enhanced networking and communication services.  It’s a comprehensive software platform for all sizes of business at an affordable monthly fee.

Haven’t made the switch yet?  What’s stopping you?

Office 365 has the power to save you time and money!  Increased productivity and profit is just a phone call away.

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