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Microsoft High Performance PartnerIn recognition of our success in providing Microsoft technology to clients, Microsoft has selected CTECH Consulting Group to be a High Performance Partner. This is the next exciting step in our development as the preferred Microsoft support provider in the Calgary area, and we are excited for what it will bring!

Want more out of your Microsoft technologies? Contact CTECH Consulting Group at (403) 457--1478 or today to improve your daily Microsoft experience.

As a High Performance Partner, CTECH Consulting Group will have access to numerous exclusive benefits, which we will pass on to our trusted clients. Benefits of our new High Performance Partnership include:

  • We can offer the best Microsoft services at a lower price point than other IT firms
    We have access to exclusive promotions, incentives and other discounts

Don’t bother with Microsoft support that hasn’t been recognized by Microsoft itself! Thanks to our High Performance Partnership, CTECH Consulting Group can equip your business with an optimal Microsoft configuration at a competitive price point.

Contact CTECH Consulting Group today at (403) 457--1478 or send us an email at to start enjoying the exclusive benefits that we now offer as a Microsoft High Performance Partner

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