Thinning Out the Clouds: How CTECH Became a Microsoft Field Partner

CTECH Consulting Group Inc.’s President & CEO Carl Fransen has always strived to be at the top of the IT food chain. Partnering with Microsoft was part of that vision. Recently, Microsoft made a change to their corporate direction and changed their focus to the latest technology that will be able to drive innovation and efficiency to the market, aka the cloud. The Windows creator restructured their existing partner list, cutting it down from 286 IT firms managed by Microsoft throughout Canada, to an overall total of 34. Thirteen of which are in Western Canada, which includes CTECH.

Microsoft was looking for companies who could actualize the latest technology and do an internal digital transformation to build out a solid cloud practice in one or two of their main market focuses. These 34 firms are the top tier of the Microsoft Partner Program, allotting them special access to resources and funding.

Only the best and most agile were selected for this new “Microsoft Field Partner” honor. Now, Microsoft can invest in these IT firms for training and other details, an endeavor Fransen expects to make CTECH better, specifically at cloud services. Microsoft is committed to building with, sell with, and go to market with CTECH as one of its Field Partners in Western Canada.

“We are now one of 34 IT firms with access to the Microsoft Reps,” says Carl Fransen, President & CEO of CTECH. “The other partners have to use the 800-number for support, just like everyone else. It’s really an honor to be selected for this opportunity and represent Calgary and Western Canada.”

Calgary’s Cloud Computing Specialists

CTECH Consulting Group specializes in cloud computing for business. The name of the game for cloud computing is mobility. If you’re going to move your entire infrastructure to the cloud, you want to know that you have easy access to your data and that it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This allows you to:

  • Avoid costly licensing fees and maintenance fees on the high-end programs, saving you a significant amount of money.
  • Share the workload, collaborate easily, and the ability to work outside the office.
  • Move important files and programs to the cloud, freeing up space for other things.
  • Evolve as you go, making it cost efficient and adaptable.
  • Add new programs or apps, scale up or down, and add new users as your business grows.