Microsoft Bookings Makes Scheduling Appointments Convenient

Microsoft Bookings helps appointment based businesses schedule customer visits. CTECH Consulting Group is a top Microsoft solutions company in Calgary.

Microsoft Bookings Makes Scheduling Appointments Convenient

Many owners of service-oriented small businesses are all too familiar with the challenges of managing bookings. Receiving and scheduling appointment requests takes up valuable time, and there’s often not a streamlined system that shares appointments across updates schedules across all of the platforms that a business uses. Microsoft Bookings specifically addresses these challenges by streamlining and automating the appointment-booking process.

Managing Appointments with Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings simplifies the entire appointment-management process for small and medium businesses, and it includes all of the features that these businesses need in appointment software.

A customer’s interaction with Microsoft Bookings begins online, where a clean user interface makes it easy to view available time slots and book one (or several). When booking a time slot, customers can choose the specific service and/or professional they want to book with, and they’re able to complete the entire process online through the software.

Of course, some customers will still prefer to call even if you install streamlined software that’s easier to use. For these customers, simply enter their appointment details into the software, and the appropriate emails will be automatically generated.

Concerning emails, the standard setup in Microsoft Bookings usually generates three main messages:

  • Appointment confirmation for the customer
  • Appointment notification for the small business owner
  • Appointment reminder for the customer (closer to the appointment)

All of these emails have the pertinent appointment details, and the notification that’s sent to the business owner can go to any devices that you choose.

As appointments are managed, the software automatically updates and maintains an accurate record of bookings across all devices. You and appropriate employees can all see the upcoming schedule as you need to.

Providing Customers with Convenience

The streamlined booking process improves the customer experience by providing superior convenience.

While customers who want to call your business can, no one has to when they want to schedule an appointment. Instead, they can log onto the business’ website whenever it’s convenient for them to and find an appointment time that works for them.

Whether customers want to schedule an appointment during business hours or well outside of them late at night, they’re able to. There’s no issue with the office being closed, a call center not responding, or the employee who would take bookings being busy at that moment.

Improving Your Business’ Efficiency

For your business, Microsoft Bookings affords three distinct benefits. The first is higher customer satisfaction that comes with the improved convenience, and that latter two can be measured even more directly.

Second, since appointments are scheduled without your involvement, the software frees you up to focus on work that will help grow your business.

Third, reminder emails help reduce no-shows that can create a significant cost for your business.

Microsoft Bookings is Part of Microsoft 365

This comprehensive appointment-management software is included with most Microsoft 365 suites. For help setting up Microsoft Bookings or any other part of Microsoft 365 in Calgary or Southern Alberta, contact us at CTECH Consulting Group.