Who Can Land Surveying Companies In Calgary Call For IT Services?

Land survey companies have unique needs when it comes to IT services. In addition to keeping their in-house employees connected and able to access data, there are the challenges associated with having teams constantly on the road.

What IT Company In Calgary Provides IT Services For Land Survey Companies In Calgary?

Land survey companies have unique needs when it comes to IT services. In addition to keeping their in-house employees connected and able to access data, there are the challenges associated with having teams constantly on the road.

Staff members working at various sites, often without great local WiFi access, need a solution that provides them with remote access to high-speed, reliable connectivity. They need tools that will allow them to communicate with colleagues, access data including emails and files, and transmit information in the moment of need.

When it comes to serving land surveyors, your company needs IT services land surveying companies expect to get work done in a hyper-competitive field. Without the right IT support Calgary companies may choose another land surveyor with the connectivity and reliability that’s more suitable to such work.

At CTECH, we recently received a call to your customer service department from a small land surveying company. The office has 10 employees and is looking for a way to let workers operate remotely with fast connectivity. Here’s a closer look at how we answered some of their great questions and can help your land surveying company in the same way.

How Can You Help Us With Mobile Devices?

A managed IT solution is imperative when your staff regularly works remotely. Today many companies operate under the BYOD (bring your own devices) model, with employees providing their own smartphones. These devices may be supplemented by company-issued or personal laptops and tablets, essential for working outside the office.

Connecting all of these devices to the systems and data that are critical to doing their jobs is important. So, too, is keeping these devices secure. Mobile device management ensures that access is available regardless of the device being used, the time of day or night, and the operating systems installed.

Today, companies like Calgary land surveyors need electronic mobile management, which is a set of tools, policies, procedures, and technologies within an organization that govern and manage mobile devices. Using an integrated and universal strategy means your organization can make sure that the right applications, access, and usage is maintained by all employees.

How Do I Make Sure Remote Employees Can Access Apps and Data?

One key factor in electronic mobile management is the management of mobile applications and content. They are governed by policies and procedures and managed by easy-to-use consoles and dashboards provided by your managed IT partner. Application management can take several forms, including using a secure information manager installed on the device that manages and syncs calendars, email, contacts, and browsers. When an installed operating system does not provide the necessary management capability, application extensions can be deployed to provide the right functionality.

How Can I Make Sure Proprietary Information and Client Data are Protected?

There are two components to data protection for remotely deployed staff. Mobile content management is an application that lets your employees store content securely on their mobile device, with policies that can be applied to address authentication, file sharing and copy-and-paste capabilities. These functions would apply to content pushed by your company to mobile devices, email and attachments, and content accessed by the device that’s stored on your company’s servers.

Mobile device management allows your company to do to even more. Security software can be deployed to manage, monitor and secure your employees’ mobile devices.

What About Hackers and System Security?

A managed IT services provider will be able to offer you varied solutions to help you keep both mobile devices and your system secure. One of the best advantages of using a managed service provider is the capability to monitor your system and devices 24/7. You can leverage proactive monitoring of devices, endpoints and system files. An experienced managed services professional can identify odd behavior or patterns, isolate suspicious files or users, and remediate the situation before it becomes a major problem.

What About Installation and Configuration?

When you need a trusted partner for all of your managed IT needs, count on CTECH. We provide an array of IT services, including mobile device management, system configuration, and security, cloud solutions and help desk support. With CTECH, you have an experienced Calgary IT partner to help solve your complex, industry-specific challenges. Contact us to learn more about how to support your land surveying company’s needs.