When Does Your Company Need IT vCIO Services?

What is a vCIO? Why does your business need vCIO services? Do you even know what this means? vCIOs are a critical part of any IT service program.

If your business isn’t ready to justify using a full-time Chief Information Officer (CIO), but you need the expert advice one provides, you should consider the IT consulting expertise that a virtual CIO can provide.

Virtual CIO Services (vCIO) provides the high-level vision and guidance needed to increase your staff’s productivity, efficiency and to implement IT solutions that support your goals. It offers complete IT consulting that can propel your organization to greater success. vCIO Services can help you manage all aspects of your IT network for a fraction of the cost of hiring an onsite CIO.

When You Want To Cut IT Costs

By using vCIO services, you won’t have the costs of hiring another full-time C-level person, which can be significant. Outsourcing CIO services is a very effective strategy for nearly every business.

While CIOs haven’t been financially focused in the past, they are now key players in cost improvement discussions. They now have responsibilities specific to driving down costs, to oversee organization-wide IT spend, and to enable initiatives that result in real savings.

You should use vCIO Services when you want to cut IT operating costs, ensure your technology is functioning at its best, and that the technology you use supports your ongoing objectives. Your vCIO will measure your system performance, diagnose systemic gaps, track the life cycle of your hardware, and report on how to turn technology into an asset.

Your vCIO will lead the charge to increase your ROI on IT operations. Because of their breadth of experience, a vCIO can pull from a greater variety of IT services and solutions. You’ll have the access you need to the right solutions and services for your business.

When You Want Reliable Technology

In addition to helping you forecast your yearly investment in technology, and ensuring your IT network runs reliably and securely, a vCIO can help you develop a technology roadmap that aligns with both your short and long-term goals. This is a powerful resource that ensures accurate, predictable forecasting while eliminating surprise expenses.

vCIO Services:

  • Result In more uptime and network security.
  • Ensure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.
  • Provide ongoing reports that keep you apprised.
  • Promote Regulatory Compliance.

When You Want an IT infrastructure that is an asset in helping you reach your business goals

This includes:

  • IT Methodology that reports on any weaknesses in your IT infrastructure.
  • Technology Projections with a strategy to protect your business from the catastrophes and downtime that can negatively affect your bottom line.
  • An IT Roadmap that includes the best services and solutions for your ongoing needs.
  • IT Implementation – Upon your approval, your vCIO will manage the implementation all new solutions, or if appropriate, oversee upgrades to the ones that you are currently using, to ensure they are aligned with your objectives and evolve as your business does.

When IT Governance & Risk Management Are Important

Your virtual CIO will be committed to protecting your information technology from perpetually evolving cyber threats. They will also have the expertise to provide what you need to improve your IT defences and make key decision to ensure your compliance with government and industry regulations.

If You Need Business Intelligence To Help You Make Decisions

The need to make quick, accurate data-driven decisions is growing. A CIO’s primary responsibility is to ensure the data you collect every day throughout your organization is accessible to decision-makers in an actionable and meaningful way. Getting data in the hands of operations provides improvements in quality, cost and strategy.

You’ll have Business Intelligence (BI) to leverage software and services that will transform your data into actionable intelligence to drive your organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions. And your vCIO will recommend the BI tools you need to access and analyze data sets so you can present analytical findings in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts and maps with detailed intelligence about the state of your business.

A vCIO will manage the relationship with your IT provider and translate language from tech to English at the C-Level. Your vCIO will get the right information to the right people to ensure your managers make timely, well-informed decisions, and so your organization runs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

If You Need Additional Support For IT Projects

Your vCIO can also help with IT project planning and management. As organizations rely more on information technology to sustain a competitive advantage, IT projects are increasing in complexity. Your project directors need the support a CIO would provide. vCIO services offer this without you employing a full-time Chief Information Officer. You can bring on a vCIO only when you need help with complex projects that require an IT redesign and alignment with new business processes.

When you do not want your highly trained people wasting time and money managing your IT.

In many organizations the CEO, CFO, COO and/or Office Manager also manages the relationship between the company and their IT provider. Have you ever wondered how much it cost the company to have these valuable people spending time managing this relationship rather than doing what they were hired to do? With a vCIO all this disappears! Your vCIO will make sure your IT provider is accountable, will manage all projects, make sure customer service provided to you and give you real visibility into the value or lack thereof in your IT spend.

With vCIO Services from CTECH Consulting Group from one of our offices in Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon, you’ll gain all the benefits of having an IT professional on staff with years of experience who has worked in diverse IT environments. You can trust CTECH’s vCIOs to ensure that your technology is configured and designed to address your growing needs and keep your business growing. CTECH is focused on providing the best value for our clients in whatever we do. For more information contact us at (403) 457-1478 or email info@ctechgroup.net.

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