The House of Mirrors is Calgary’s premier business for beautiful residential and commercial glass and mirrors. They make custom pieces and install them in your home or business. Their doors first opened in 1987, and since then they’ve offered great service and hard to find glass items. In order to keep things running smoothly, they’ve enlisted CTECH for all of their IT needs.

The Situation: Other IT Companies Just Don’t Understand

Before turning to CTECH, House of Mirrors dealt with three other IT companies. According to Greg Dunn of HOM, “We’ve used other IT companies, but their IT strategies didn’t match the plans we had for our business. Also, we would have surprise costs when they billed us. With CTECH we know what our bill will be each month”.

The Solution: Find a Dependable and Knowledgeable Company

When they turned to CTECH for help, they found a team that they can rely on. They give HOM peace of mind knowing that they have a team they can trust.

“CTECH offers us experience and flexibility. Probably the most important thing that they do for us is the support they offer when we need it the most. If we have a system failure, PC’s down, or our email is not working, they’re quick to respond and have a tech out within an hour or two,” says Dunn.

The Outcome: Trust was Earned and Systems are Running Well

Dunn adds, “We’d definitely recommend them to others. I’m comfortable doing that. Their service and support stand out the most because of their quality. They’re very good at prioritizing what’s important”.