Who Are The Top IT Companies In Calgary, Alberta?

Finding the right IT company can be a challenge. At CTECH Consulting, we offer comprehensive and affordable IT services that save you time and money.

Small business owners and managers have enough to do without having to troubleshoot IT problems and keep up on new technology and potential cyber threats.

If you’re like most owners and managers, in any given day you could be calling clients with past due accounts, putting together a sales presentation for a potential client, posting content on your business social media pages and fielding questions from employees about your new health care plan. Just thinking about all you have to do is likely to make you ready for a nap or at least a coffee break.

At CTECH Consulting Group, we understand the many challenges of running a small business. That’s why we offer a variety of managed IT service packages in all price ranges as well as could the, IT consulting and cybersecurity.

When you work with CTECH, you’re working with the “cream of the crop” in Alberta IT consultants. And, that’s not just our opinion. We’ve been recognized by Microsoft, Ingram Micro and IT World Canada for our superlative IT work.

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Every small business is unique. We get that. That’s why, at CTECH Consulting Group, we take the time to get to know you and your team as well as your business model and plans for the future. We feel very strongly that you shouldn’t ever have to pay for IT services that you won’t use or not be able to take advantage of those that could benefit your business. To give you a feel for what we can do, below are just a few of the many IT and computer support services we provide:

  • Strategic IT Planning. With your work with CTECH Consulting Group, we become your virtual IT department. While we may be located off-site, we’ll be your partner and help set your business up for future success. As your partner, we’ll take time to get to know your business and how you operate before we ever suggest a product or put together a managed services package. Because we’ll be handling your IT functions, you’ll be surprised how much extra time you have, the time you can spend with your customers, your employees and your family.
  • IT maintenance. Computer and server downtime is the bane of any business, but it can be especially troublesome to small businesses that don’t have an in-house computer tech to troubleshoot the problem. At CTECH Consulting Group, we give you a dedicated IT team that is available whenever you need them, whether that’s during bankers’ hours or over a holiday weekend.
  • Cloud services. Cloud services are another integral part of most good managed service plans. Off-site hosted services, such as Microsoft Office 365 and VoIP communications services, allow even the smallest Alberta company to be able to compete with corporations that have designated IT departments with huge operating budgets. At CTECH Consulting Group, we help you choose the cloud services that are best suited to your business as well as provide secure cloud storage for your client, business and employee records. Using cloud storage gives you and your employees the ability to access business files from any electronic device with an Internet connection. That makes collaborating and keeping in touch with you office while you’re on the road easier than ever. CTECH is a Microsoft Cloud Partner. We understand how the cloud helps businesses in Calgary and is able to suggest ways to use the Microsoft Cloud to streamline operations and improve efficiencies.
  • Computer support. Another prime service we provide is computer support. We understand how frustrating it can be for you and your employees when you can’t get a software program to work how you think it is supposed to work. Plus, don’t those kinds of problems always happen when you have a deadline? Since we provide a dedicated IT team, you won’t have to waste time bringing a technician up to speed on how your computer system is configured and how you use your software. We already know those answers; in many cases, we set it up. That helps us be able to help you more quickly.
  • Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is critical to all businesses today, and small businesses are especially vulnerable. You may think you don’t have anything worth stealing, but you’d be wrong. Your reputation is the lifeline of your business. Jeopardize your customers’ personal and financial information and you could find yourself out of business. At CTECH Consulting Group, we’ll put together a cybersecurity package to guard against hacking, viruses and ransomware (among other threats), giving you and your customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is safe from cyber thieves. and give you the security that comes from knowing your valuable customer data is safe from cyber criminals.

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Located in downtown Calgary, CTECH Consulting Group has been helping businesses of all sizes manage their IT needs without exceeding their budget for more than a decade. We refer to our company as “the company that’s changing how Calgary businesses are doing work and enabling them to have the lifestyle they want.” We hope you’ll join us. For more information or to schedule a free IT evaluation, CTECH Group.ca or contact us today at (403) 457-1478.