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Every industry will encounter ups and downs eventually. It’s the very nature of the business to both enjoy prosperous seasons and deal with the less fortunate times as well. When you are pushed to make difficult choices about what the future of your break-fix IT firm will look like, you should consider all options.

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Join CTECH Consulting Group and our growing network of IT firms. We’re looking to acquire the right businesses to further provide the best IT services throughout the {city} area. Get in touch with us today at {phone] or info@ctechgroup.net to learn more. 

Our managed services model will help you provide the IT support that your clients need. Proactive and strategic support will address your clients’ concerns in a way that outdated break-fix models never could.

A powerful indication of our efficacy as an IT support provider is the fact that Microsoft has made CTECH Consulting Group both a High-Performance Partner and a member of the of the Azure Mentorship Program. In recognition of our superior support for users of their products, Microsoft has provided us with exclusive service features, incentives, discounts, promotions and competitive price points.

Furthermore, CTECH Consulting Group recently completed an acquisition of Fortress Technology Partners, and has since ensured better technological solutions, a better business model and a better IT lifestyle for their clients. So what are you waiting for?

With our help, you can exceed your clients’ expectations. Contact CTECH Consulting Group at (403) 457-1478 or email us at info@ctechgroup.net to speak about a potential merger and acquisition today.