alberta economyWe have a quick business tip that may just help you ride this economic roller-coaster to the end. Have you considered moving your business to the cloud?

The cloud is a wonderful way to lower you overall IT expenses. CTECH Consulting Group is a Microsoft cloud partner and we know a thing or two about how the cloud will help your business successfully come out the other end of this chopping economy.

We know every industry — especially the oil and gas sector — will encounter ups and downs, and we have seen many of them here in {city}. We appreciate the struggles many industries are facing; however, this is not the time to stop investing in your business’ future. The cloud is a rock solid investment that brings you enterprise IT solutions for a small monthly investment. No more expensive versions of Microsoft Office Professional for over $700; you now subscribe for a few dollars per month and when the next version is released, guess what? You get it automatically. You see, the cloud does help reduce your overall IT expenses. It helps you make the move to the cloud wisely.

I know what your thinking. Carl, can’t I just cut my IT expenses by downsizing my IT infrastructure? The opposite is true! Upgrading to new technology such as the cloud will actually save you money!  Sure, the cloud is a fantastic way to improve the way you use technology, but it’s more than that. The cloud can help you improve the way you operate your business, allowing you to drastically cut costs as you’re able to do more with less, and moving from a capital expenditure to an operating expenditure.

The Cloud saves you money through the following ways:

  • Zero upfront costs required to purchase and maintain tons of costly hardware, which means you’re no longer required to spend money on ongoing support, power, storage, and cooling.
  • Greater employee productivity as staff members can access applications and data from any device or location, which means tasks get done quicker so you’re spending payroll dollars more efficiently.
  • Predictable pricing because you don’t pay for software that isn’t needed, and you’re only paying a flat-rate monthly fee for what you use.

Ready to make the move to the cloud?  My team is ready to jump in to help.

Go ahead, give CTECH Consulting Group a call right away at (403) 457-1478 or drop us an email at to get started with a complimentary cloud assessment.  We will come to your office, check everything out and show you where you can save money on your IT right away.

You have nothing to lose; let’s get started.