Calgary Cloud ServicesIngram Micro – the world’s largest technology provider – has named Calgary’s CTECH Consulting Group Inc. as 2017 Fastest Cloud Growth Partner. The awards ceremony held April 19th in Phoenix, AZ, was attended by CTECH Consulting Group President and CEO, Carl Fransen.

The Ingram Micro Cloud Summit recognizes tech providers who are strategically evolving their services to meet the changing face of technology for business. As technology becomes more dynamic, companies like CTECH Consulting Group are leading the industry in optimizing resources for business owners of all kinds. Through their partnership with Ingram Micro, CTECH Consulting Group has connected countless Calgary professionals with custom cloud solutions.

The 2017 Cloud Summit featured engaging keynote speakers, informative workshops, dynamic networking sessions along with a golf tournament, live entertainment and of course, awards.

Fransen was thrilled to be an award-winner and looks forward to continual collaboration alongside other cloud innovators “To be recognized for our growth and development in the cloud computing space is an incredible honour,” says Fransen. “We were thrilled to be nominated earlier this year, winning the award means a great deal to our entire team. We hope to drive continual innovation and growth for many years to come.”

CTECH Consulting Group President & CEO Carl Fransen is available for interview at (403)457-1478

About CTECH Consulting Group:

CTECH Consulting Group, Inc. is a managed IT service provider that is committed to supporting, protecting, mobilizing and improving IT systems and strategies for businesses and individuals across Calgary. President & CEO Carl Fransen and the entire CTECH Consulting Group team are dedicated to acting as an outsourced but personalized IT department for their clients. They are passionate about laying a foundation for technological success and are committed to following through with strategies and solutions that are unique to each client’s business needs. Committed to upholding their guiding standards of integrity and honesty, CTECH Consulting Group helps foster prosperity for clients both large and small using proactive guidance and strategic support.

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