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Alberta is being hammered by the plunge in the price of oil, from US$100 a barrel this past summer, to the mid-$50s this week (December 22, 2014). The government believes that if prices stay this low, that Alberta’s bottom line will be $11 billion poorer in the next two years!

These slumping oil prices are affecting businesses of all types in Calgary—From real estate agencies and banks, to the hardest hit—the energy companies. The plummeting oil prices have raised real concerns about oil patch companies potentially defaulting on their loans, creating a domino effect, a financial burden for the banks, and, ultimately, a downturn in the economy.

It’s time to ask yourselfIs your business going to be affected? What should you do?One thing you can do is to cut expenses wherever possible. This includes your IT service and support costs. And if you currently rely on an in-house IT department to maintain your technology, outsourcing your tech support to CTECH, when oil is going down in price, is a good way to reign in IT costs. Contact us to learn how: (403) 457--1478

When you outsource your information technology support to CTECH, you’ll have a team of IT professionals on hand 24/7 who will:

  • Eliminate the costly expenses associated with employing in-house techs (such as sick leave, benefits, and vacation time).
  • Save you in time, your good reputation and customers by ensuring your technology remains secure, and up and running.
  • Save you money on wasted hardware, software and licenses by providing just the right technologies for your business needs.

Why should outsource your tech support to CTECH when oil is going down in price? —To ensure your IT, and your business, will stay up and running. For details, contact us at: (403) 457--1478 or

Published on 30th December 2014 by Carl Fransen.

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