How CTECH Can Help You Improve Your Business With IT

CTECH is ready to help your growing business achieve higher levels of growth. Here's how CTECH can help you improve your business with IT.

How CTECH Can Help You Improve Your Business With IT

While laying down the infrastructure needed for a vibrant IT department can be quite expensive, your business wouldn’t be efficient without technology. The implication is that you can’t do without reliable and efficient IT services. But many small and medium-sized businesses lack sufficient wherewithal to sustain a well-equipped IT team and often fail to become competitive in the market. Fortunately, many managed IT service providers are available to help you out should your business fall in the same situation. One such experienced and excellent IT service provider is CTECH, and it is ready to help your growing business achieve higher levels of growth.

Why Your Business Needs IT

Creating, establishing, and maintaining an efficient IT department can be costly, so you need to align it with your business to maximize value for your IT investment. Here are the benefits of IT for businesses:

  • Creates new opportunities: Helps to make better decisions on where to invest, and improve, if using analytics to determine the performance of your business.
  • Increases business efficiency: IT for business helps you serve or reach out to your customers more efficiently depending on their needs. It also makes processes, such as data storage and backup, and communication, easier and faster, hence, more efficient.
  • Improves your competitiveness: The efficiency of your IT systems increases your competitiveness in the market.
  • Encourages staff innovations: It allows your staff to focus on other important aspects of the business, thus, boosting their innovation. They are free to try out new ideas since most IT tasks are outsourced to reliable managed service providers.
  • It’s cost-effective: It’s cheaper if you outsource your IT department to managed service providers, such as CTECH. You only pay a flat monthly fee for the services, and you can scale up or down depending on the needs of your business.

Here is how CTECH can help you improve your business with IT services:

CTECH Sends a vCIO to Your Premises

The journey begins with CTECH sending a virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) to your premises. Virtual because he will be working with your team while remotely collaborating with the rest of the IT team at CTECH. The virtual CIO has their work clearly cut out for them.

  • Boost your business efficiency and competitiveness: The virtual CIO (vCIO) will be working together with your in-house IT team to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your systems, and determine areas that require improvement. Areas to assess may include the flow of data, storage and backup, and communication processes.
  • Align technology with your business goals: The next step will be aligning technology with your business goals. Technology wouldn’t make much sense if it doesn’t fit into the objectives of your organization. For example, determining the flow of traffic to your business requires the use of analytics. This means keeping track of the number of people that visit your store against the number that passes by.
  • Improve your business by applying the right technology: IT needs to vary from one business to the next, and the vCIO will be choosing the technology that suits your particular business. This is important since you wouldn’t want to spend your resources on things that don’t serve the objectives and goals of your business.

Conducting the Enterprise Business Analysis

Now, with the vCIO as part of your executive team, the next step to conduct an enterprise business analysis. The vCIO, in conjunction with your in-house team, will be set forth to determine the right technology to propel your business to new heights. The entire process will require the following steps:

On a conference call with CTECH employees.

1. Holding Structured Meetings

These meetings will help the vCIO from CTECH to learn your business and its direction, as well as its objectives. They will also help the vCIO to assess the competitive landscape of your enterprise. Your team will require to provide all the relevant and helpful information to make this process a success.

It is also a good opportunity for the vCIO and your team members to interact, get to know each other, and share ideas. Since it’s going to take several months, there would be a lot to be learned from each other.

2. Learning Your Current IT System

The vCIO from CTECH needs to understand the state of your current IT through comprehensive internal and external assessment. This would let the vCIO determine the efficiency of your systems by looking at the following:

  • Your business risks
  • Any missed business opportunities
  • Your business inefficiencies
  • Staff limitations

With these factors in mind, the vCIO can then proceed to formulate and implement a more efficient business IT strategy.

3. Establishing an Efficient Business IT Strategy

At this stage, the vCIO works to establish an efficient business IT strategy. This is the strategy that reduces business risk, makes staff more efficient, and boosts competitiveness. It also needs a thorough analysis of your business goals and objectives. The IT strategy should be able to fit into your short and long-term business plans, improve efficiency, and drive the growth of your business.

4. Setting Business Priorities

Since business resources are limited, it is vital to set business priorities. The vCIO will help your team determine which areas of the IT system to be given first priority, and which ones can wait. This ensures that you get maximum value for your investments. But the vCIO needs to collaborate with your team to create the roadmap together.

5. Holding Strategic Follow-up Monthly Meetings

CTECH doesn’t end the story once the strategy is in place. The company monitors the progress of your business IT department through strategic monthly meetings to discuss huddles. These meetings also help keep an eye on the accountability and momentum of the IT project, and to ensure everything is going as planned. It may be necessary to refine plans, timelines, and projects to provide the best value for your business IT investments.

Learn More About Working With CTECH

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient managed IT service provider to help improve your business with IT, consider partnering with CTECH. Need to find out more on how CTECH can make your business IT better? Please contact us today!