The team at CTECH Consulting Group is sad but proud to bid farewell to our long-time client, Hearth & Home Fireplace (H&H). As a testimate that every clients becomes a reference – we have happy to have graduated a client to the next level. After five years of partnership, and our reliable, cost-effective technologies, were instrumental in them becoming a thriving and growing business.

It was a tough decision for them to move on:

“It wasn’t an easy phone call to make,” said Jason Meyer of Hearth & Home Fireplace, “to let CTECH Consulting Group know we were going in a different direction. We’ve decided to put all of our services under one umbrella [business planning, marketing IT, sales, HR], which makes sense for us as we continue to grow.”

As a specialty fireplace retailer, H&H takes their clients all the way from buying a fireplace, to renovating their homes. When first partnering with us, they struggled with technology that couldn’t meet their growing demands:

“Connectivity was a problem,” said Jason. “We needed our data backed up properly. We’re fireplace guys, not tech guys—We weren’t capable of doing this on our own. CTECH Consulting Group provided the guidance we required.”

CTECH Consulting Group helped H&H build a solid I.T. foundation they could rely on:

  • Remote Work Solutions: All of H&H’s important files are available remotely, so now their staff can work from home, or on the road. Their salespeople can travel as far as Salt Lake City and still have access to everything they need.
  • Unified Communications: We tied all of their communications (email, phones, and video) into one network, so they’re easily accessed from any location.
  • Automated Disaster Protection: H&H now has automated backups and a business-continuity plan, so they can keep working even if the power goes out.
  • Better Performance: With new, state-of-the-art servers, H&H can rely on their I.T. systems to stay productive.

Using technology is now much easier for H&H. When they opened a second location they simply set up a router, and had immediate access to all the files and applications in their home office. No matter what they needed, or when they needed it, CTECH Consulting Group was there.

“As a small business owner, you’re so focused on day-to-day operations,” said Jason. “The last thing you want to worry about is your network crashing. CTECH Consulting Group provided a solid foundation so we can stay up and running. This frees us to focus on the things that are important to our business.”

A final remark from Jason:

We were never just a number to CTECH Consulting Group. When it comes to I.T. service companies, you need the right fit. — A company that takes the time to explain what they’re doing. Carl from CTECH Consulting Group was approachable, genuine, and always delivered what was best for us. CTECH Consulting Group delivers what they say they’re going to deliver.”

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