The Power of Deal Registration and How Our Clients Are Saving Approximately 20% of the Standard Cost of Hardware Purchases…

Technology is unavoidable. We depend on technology in virtually every facet of our lives – from in the workplace to our homes and everywhere in between. Technology has enabled us to advance our capabilities in many ways, and in the modern business, that means greater productivity, collaboration, and efficiency. But technology seems to advance at an incredible rate – getting better and better as time goes on. Nowadays, businesses need to stay ahead of technology advancements to stay relevant. Cetan Corp found that PCs more than four years old experience approximately 21 HOURS of downtime per year. Plus, they cost over 50% more to repair than merely buying a new one.

Computer Hardware Purchases in Calgary

Running Outdated Hardware is Risky, Expensive, and Fortunately, Totally Avoidable…

There’s no need to run outdated hardware that’s risky and expensive to maintain. CTECH ensures our clients are running the latest equipment because we understand that obsolete technology leads to:

  • Performance issues or lagging
  • Malware infections
  • Lack of features or functionality
  • Inability to maintain a competitive edge

Not only do we ensure our clients are running the latest equipment, but we make it affordable for them to purchase new hardware through the power of deal registration.

What is Deal Registration and How Does It Work?

If you haven’t worked with us on upgrading your hardware before, here’s a quick outline of what deal registration is and how it works. As a Premier Channel Partner in the Dell Technologies Partner Program, CTECH can take advantage of the Deal Registration Program wherein we’re able to submit potential sales with a minimum of $15,000 hardware to receive deep discounts up to 20% off for our clients. It’s a simple, efficient process that involves:

  1. Gathering information regarding the sale.
  2. Submitting accurate, complete information through the program.
  3. Awaiting approval for the deal – typically within two days.

Dell Technologies is one of our preferred partners because they’re powering the next technological revolution. They’re comprised of several companies, including Dell-EMC, VMware, RSA, Boomi, Pivotal, and more – giving our clients the ability to purchase solutions consisting of a range of technologies that work well together.

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