Small to medium sized businesses in Calgary often find themselves in a difficult situation: they rely on their IT infrastructure for day-to-day operations, but they don’t have an IT budget that allows them to properly maintain their equipment.

Fully managed services in Calgary

Patches are released but go unnoticed, opening up your network to new and developing web-based threats. Hardware slowly grows more outdated with each passing day, inching ever closer to a failure that will interrupt everything.

In-house IT staff could handle this challenge for you, but not everyone can afford the significant investment it takes to advertise openings, interview candidates, decide on the right hire, and then train the new employee. And after that exhaustive process, you’ll then be on the hook for your new hire’s salary. Just a low-level tech employee will cost you about $50,000 a year, and an expert C-level advisor will expect at least a six-figure salary.

Our fully managed IT service provides all the benefits of having your own IT department at a much lower cost.

Improved productivity

For an affordable flat rate we will take complete care of your network. Our firewalls keep out known threats. We will filter your email so that malicious messages/phishing schemes don’t get to your inbox where they can trick employees into opening an attachment or clicking a link that ends up infecting your network with a virus.

Those measures will block the majority of attacks, but realistically there will always be a few, more sophisticated threats that are able to breach our first line of defense. That’s why we remotely monitor your network for suspicious activity. Viruses are detected and eliminated before they can do any damage.

Preventing malware infections and hardware failures will provide your business with less instances of downtime. You’ll get more value out of the workers you’ve already invested in, because less downtime means that your employees will spend less time waiting for tech issues to be resolved and more time getting work done.


One particularly effective way to cut IT costs is migrating to the cloud.

On-site equipment would be expensive enough if you all you had to do was buy and install it. But the cost of housing your own equipment never ends: ongoing maintenance is required to keep servers running smoothly, and it’s going to eat up a lot of electricity, too.

Our cloud service eliminates the burden of maintaining your own equipment. Here’s how it works: you rent out server space remotely and the owner of that server is responsible for maintenance and energy costs, freeing up more room in your budget for other needs.

CTECH Consulting Group knows how to make the most out of your IT budget.

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