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CTECH Merges with Fortress Technology Planners to Provide a Higher Quality of Support!


CTECH is excited to announce our latest strategic decision: we’ve purchased Fortress Technology Planners to deliver unlimited support, monitoring, and training to help companies in the area grow and succeed through an exceptional quality of support. We look forward to the next few weeks as we onboard new staff members, in order to better serve you.

What Made CTECH the Right Choice for Fortress Technology Partners?

Fortress Technology Planners approached various IT companies in their endeavour to find the right company for their clients. They wanted a solid, reliable technology partner who was able to take their break/fix clients to the next level. CTECH was the right choice for many reasons:

  • We have a human approach to technology: We know IT is all about the people BEHIND the technology. That’s why we work hard to better understand each and every client we have, then align their technology with their goals and objectives.
  • We cover absolutely everything with no hidden fees: Everything is supported by us. If it’s connected to the system and plugs in – it’s covered at no extra charge. We have unlimited, 24-hour IT support, 24 hour system monitoring as well, because we know businesses can’t afford downtime.
  • We act as an entire IT department: Our highly skilled team of experts acts as an entire IT department for each client we have – giving staff the ability to go to work, do their jobs, and never worry about technology hindering their performance.

CTECH ties out success with your success – and if we’re able to grow your company, we know we grow alongside you. Need a technology partner that’s there for you? Have questions about our recent strategic decision? Call (403) 457--1478 or send us an email:

Published on 30th July 2015 by Carl Fransen.

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