CTECH’s Modern Workplace Solution Helps Local Social Worker Create Family Pathways to Bring Families Together

After Massive Layoffs of Front Line Social Worker Staff Took Place, Claire Bertran, a Social Worker, Partnered with CTECH to Build a Modern, Cloud-Based Company to Bring Families Together – At a Fraction of the Cost.

Calgary IT SupportIt’s no secret… Alberta is struggling with a historically low price of oil, massive government debts, and a climbing unemployment rate. In an attempt to jump start the economy, the conservative government is offering various business incentives while cutting the social sector’s budget. This, in turn, means the children’s services budget was reduced from 77 million dollars to 65 million dollars – resulting in massive layoffs of front line social worker staff who aim to take care of vulnerable and at-risk families.

Families across the province have lost the support they desperately relied on. Waiting lists have gotten longer due to a lack of available social workers. CTECH knew it was time to step in and help. However, we can.

Many families across the province are struggling, yet massive layoffs of front line social worker staff mean it’s hard for families to get the help they need to assist with:

  • Mental health issues
  • Parenting skills
  • Domestic violence
  • Divorce
  • And more

There is a flood of social workers with 25+ years of experience which cannot find work. Claire Bertran, a recently laid-off social worker, saw an opportunity to bridge the needs of the families in need with the trained social worker force.

Phase 1: Creating a Company to Bring Families Together on a Shoestring Budget…

CTECH has always remained passionate about giving back to the community. We know that the cuts made to the social sector’s budget had a massive impact on those in need. When Claire Bertran reached out to us with an idea to bridge the needs of the families in need with the trained social worker force, we couldn’t wait to get started. Claire already had her team together, including an MBA candidate to act as a CFO and her old boss who recently retired with 30 years of experience.

But she was missing one crucial component: the infrastructure needed to start her business. CTECH decided to utilize our modern workplace solution to assist in her efforts. Here’s an overview of the project:

  1. Within 1 hour, CTECH provisioned a charity version of Microsoft Office 365: Essentials. This was set up for four staff members and configured to be compliant with HIPAA regulations.
  2. Within 2 hours, CTECH configured all personal laptops and phones for remote work. All employees were able to use video, voice, and chat to communicate with one another, regardless of location.
  3. Within 3 hours, CTECH created a full file directory synchronized to all employee devices. This allowed employees to share information and collaborate in real-time on all documents.
  4. Within 4 hours, CTECH created a base website and trained all employees to post content. This allows them to market their business and stay in touch with all families in need.

Phase 2: A Fully Functional Company Ready to Assist Families in Need of Support…

Family Pathways is fully functional and running with a base overhead of approximately $50 a month. In the next few months, CTECH will assist its team with a CRM system, reporting tools, workflows, and various other initiatives to improve their day-to-day operations, and in turn, keep them functioning at peak performance to assist families in need of support. They know they can depend on us for:

  1. Creating an enterprise-level service at a fraction of the cost
  2. Providing ongoing support for all technology requirements
  3. Delivering value in terms of services that keep overhead costs low

Need In-Home, Practical Family Solutions? Contact Family Pathways at 587-839-7284. Looking for an IT Company That’s Passionate About Helping Our Local Community? Contact CTECH at (587) 200-9067.