Disruptive Marketing: Heavy Metal and Innovation Inspired by Change

Adaptation isn't always easy. But let's face it—there's nothing new about the fact that we have to adapt to changing times. The thing is, it's always been that way for business owners.

Great Companies Disrupt The Status Quo

Adaptation isn’t always easy. But let’s face it—there’s nothing new about the fact that we have to adapt to changing times. The thing is, it’s always been that way for business owners. What we’re experiencing now because of stay at home orders, and social distancing is more of a tectonic shift in the way that we conduct business.

Of course, businesses are going to have to adapt during these challenging times. Change is the essence of disruptive marketing.

How we modify our business model is what makes all the difference between going under and riding the wave of change to success. Retail is a mature market that is slowly disappearing as consumers continue to prefer the convenience of digital options.

There’s no putting it off— it’s time to adopt a growth mindset and welcome a change with collaboration and innovative solutions.

What does Heavy Metal Have to Do with Adaptation?

It’s all about resilience. Live music entertainment is of the industries struck by the sudden change in the way we have to do things. However, in change lies opportunity. Amid concert cancellations and disappointed fans, 1980s heavy metal band, Metallica demonstrates what disruption is all about in marketing. The band seized the opportunity and began a live stream series on YouTube #MetallicaMondays —and their reach is growing every week. Initially, they saw 140,000 viewers, while current views reach up to 250,000 and more.

What does this do for their brand? It shows fans they are willing to meet them where they are—at home. It keeps them connected to their base and also brings in an entirely new audience of younger viewers.

If an 80s heavy metal band can adapt and use social media to connect to their audience, breathing new life into their marketing, what’s keeping your business from leveraging digital technology?

Disruptive Marketing Pioneers

Some companies have the vision to see where technology can take them. Think about the pioneers in the digital realm. Netflix, for example, changed its industry by introducing the first online movie rental system in 1998. That wasn’t enough, though. In a true example of disruptive marketing, the company leveraged technology and introduced its streaming service in 2007 to its over five million viewers. Today the company has a viewership of over 150 million.

Instacart is another example of a service that not only works during a pandemic, keeping people out of the grocery stores, but it’s also a convenience that customers will continue to use when they have an option. There’s no denying the advantages of getting your groceries delivered right to your front door. Although the service started before COVID-19, the company updated its APP to authorize personal shoppers to deliver groceries without face-to-face interaction. Making this tweak shows the company cares about maintaining social distancing and the safety of it contractors and customers. What’s more—if you own a grocery store, you could partner with Instacart to expand your business opportunities.

Finally, consider Amazon, the business that made ordering anything you want online as easy as typing in a product name. Amazon Prime service includes everything from shopping for food and goods to streaming movies and listening to music.

Educational Institutions, Banking, and Medicine

These days colleges provide more online classes as technology offers many more solutions for getting an education at home. A person can take everything from workshops to working toward their Ph.D. Now, with COVID-19 grade school children are even participating in virtual workshops with their classrooms.

Not only that, but there are numerous medical APPS that a person can use instead of having to visit the doctor or therapist in person. Even better? These virtual appointments cost a lot less than a traditional office visit.

Like these innovators, it’s time for your business to discover new ways to reach your target audience.

Business Opportunities in Times of Change

Whether you own a yoga studio or a clothing store, a restaurant, family medical clinic, or maybe you’re a therapist, most industries can move at least some portion of its business online. It’s all in how you re-envision what you do. Disruptive marketing means that you develop ways to take advantage of technology and offer your customers and clients something unique and valuable.

Don’t Be a Dinosaur— Be a Disrupter

While COVID-19 upset the business landscape for many companies, it accelerated a shift that was already occurring. Companies who are scrambling to hold on to what they have, are missing out on opportunities to advance their business in ways that will impress their customers and give them longevity in an ever-changing market.

Don’t be a dinosaur, trying to hold out until things go back to normal. It’s not out of the question that you’ll end up closing up shop with that kind of mindset.

Instead, Ask Questions:

  • How can we transform our office into a modern workspace?
  • Do we need to develop or update our website?
  • What systems do we have in place to communicate and collaborate with the team?
  • What can we do that is different from the competition?

Find and Use the Opportunities

Answering a basic set of questions and studying examples of success will open up opportunities that you may have never imagined. Platforms such as Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft 365 suite of software can help lay the groundwork. Virtual conferencing and access to all of the programs that you’ve come to rely on, set up in the Cloud with secure access for everyone on your team, means a world of possibilities.

If you don’t know where to start, find a Cloud partner to help you get set up. Collaboration is key.

Compete in the New Normal (It Won’t Be New For Long)

As we said earlier, it isn’t new for businesses to have to adapt to change. What we consider the new normal today will be old news tomorrow. Disruptive marketing is approachable, affordable, and changes the way your audience sees and interacts with your brand.

Why not jump in with both feet and stir things up with disruptive marketing that will take your business to the next level?