Digital Transformation Fuels Economic Growth In Calgary

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CTECH Support Calgary Organization Throughout Their Digital Transformation

We provide Digital Transformation services for modern workplaces using Microsoft technologies.

Our managed, award-winning services IT services in Calgary and Southern Alberta empower your organization to achieve its goals at a low cost.

According to Statista research, more than a million companies worldwide use Microsoft 365 as their productivity suite. Our experts have years of Microsoft Cloud implementation experience to ensure that you get proven technology to resolve your major IT pain points, especially emerging issues resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

CTECH gives you custom Microsoft solutions that cater to the following common issues:

Digital Transformation in Calgary

Migration from Traditional File Services

Our Office 365 solutions will give your company the application suite that will run your business smoothly, and tailor your operations to industry standards and your specific business needs such as:


Office 365 includes SharePoint and Office Web, which gives you secure access to files, email, and data on the go on all your mobile devices. If you are moving with the current work-from-home trend, have traveling employees, or even full-time staff who bring their own devices, they can access resources wherever and whenever they need them.


Our Office 365 implementation also provides you with instant collaboration tools like OneDrive, where you can share documents with your clients wherever they are. What’s more, you enjoy real-time co-authoring that lets your authorized users access reports while clients or co-workers edit them. OneNote’s shareable notebooks provide the best virtual workspace to share notes, presentations, and project files.


No matter what device you have, Datto and SharePoint make sure you can customize your files’ sharing, making them easily accessible to only the person who needs them.

Enterprise Productivity Tools for Your Team

Business today is changing, and your business needs the most effective tools to ensure maximum output for the work you put in. Microsoft 365 has collaboration and productivity tools that continuously evolve to match or exceed your desired corporate security posture and help you work easier and faster.

However, at CTECH, we believe that modernizing your workplace involves more than picking and implementing technology. We provide solutions that go beyond your tech tools’ configuration to include change management strategies and operational governance that will ensure your employees can quickly adapt to a new working environment.

This holistic strategy will provide a strong base from where you can build a contemporary workplace using Microsoft 365 tools like:

  • Yammer and Stream: Training your staff on the benefits of new tech and best practices
  • Teams: Deployment of a customizable chat-based workspace for your organization with voice and video
  • SharePoint: Create and share dynamic content, knowledgebase, and applications among your team
  • Whiteboard: A freeform canvas for ideation and project collaboration

Setup, Training, and Support For Cloud Computing and Virtualization

At its most basic, cloud computing involves making your corporate computing infrastructure, services, development platforms, data, and software available via the internet. There are as many providers of cloud services as there are cloud applications. A large number of industry buzzwords and acronyms only make a mind-boggling situation more complicated.
CTECH has an experienced team that will guide you through the broad array of Microsoft cloud computing solutions in Calgary and Southern Alberta. We will involve you through each step of implementation, cloud migration, and cloud-based design and development.

We are a full-service digital transformation and business consulting company, providing the integrated solutions needed to complement the technical cloud implementation. For example, we provide change management training to help your business cope with the workforce and process changes necessary when you move to the cloud.
Additionally, we fully support bleeding-edge technologies that we expect for the core of future computing, such as Big Data or the IoT. We will help you develop anything from small proof-of-concept applications to large-scale production implementations of these technologies.

Collaborative Reporting

Reporting and analytics are essential for letting you know the state of your projects and even the overall health of your business. However, you may find that reports are tedious to create and analyze if they are complex Excel spreadsheets with data from multiple sources. These archaic reports involve many manual data entries and have limited visualization consisting of simple pivot tables and graphs.

However, when we implement Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (Power BI) for your business as part of your SharePoint collaboration suite, you get a powerful cloud-based solution to quickly and visually analyze data, making it easy to understand.

As a Power BI user, you will connect to a wide range of data sources via interactive reports, simple dashboards, and visualizations designed to help you and your team understand business reports faster than you would with pie or bar charts. Power BI is ideal if you have a business report to share with various users from different business areas, such as developers, IT, sales, analysts, and business executives.

Security for Your IT Resources

With more people working remotely, carrying their work laptops home, or using their own devices to access corporate data, you are more exposed than before to ransomware, data loss, human error, or system failures. CTECH provides you with managed IT support and Security as a Service (SECaaS) solutions from leading vendors, including Datto.
Managed SECaaS provides identity-based access for your data and applications – on your premises or virtually in the cloud – from any location and on any device to give you and your team seamless connectivity.

Access management will help you to secure heterogeneous tech environments while keeping your total cost of ownership (TCO) and the need for data access outside organizational boundaries.

CTECH Helps Gives You the Best Microsoft Business Solutions in Calgary

The digital transformation of a business is complicated. If it not implemented in a holistic manner, it can negatively impact your business’ effectiveness and can be costly, as the Spiceworks State of IT 2020 report claims.

CTECH Microsoft 365 consulting services deliver high-impact solutions and innovative services to companies in Calgary and Southern Alberta. Contact us, and we will provide you with new corporate collaboration, Security, development, data storage, and analytics solutions from across the entire Microsoft technology stack.