Did You Know: Your Data is Already in the Cloud?

Do you realize that your office data is already in the cloud? As we speak, you have a file server in your office that is attached to the company network.

Did You Know: Your Data is Already in the Cloud?

Do you realize that your office data is already in the cloud? As we speak, you have a file server in your office that is attached to the company network. That network is then connected to the internet.

With the right credentials, anyone on the internet can then get through your firewall and access your data.

Many people are reluctant to “make the move to the cloud” because they think that it will somehow decrease security and convenience. In reality, however, your data is likely, by definition, already in a cloud–and it may be less secure than you think. For many businesses, removing that data from its existing network and placing it on the cloud can actually increase overall security.

Consider the Benefits of Dropping Your File Server

You have a file server and network system in part because that’s how you’ve “always done things.” You may think that it’s secure–and in the days before internet access and network connectivity across your office, it may have been. Increasingly, however, business owners are discovering that solution to be less secure than they initially thought.

Consider the benefits of dropping your file server, dropping your network, and utilizing the cloud for vital storage instead.

Utilizing the Cloud Means Your Data is More Secure

Cloud storage brings with it considerable security–and that security is becoming increasingly essential for businesses of all sizes. Last year alone, there was a stunning 424% increase in cyberattacks on small businesses. A single attack can wind up costing your business an average of $200,000, which can quickly put many of those small businesses out of business.

Cloud data, on the other hand, is held behind the security offered by your provider. Often, that means a much more secure connection that can help protect your data in the event of an attack–and prevent you from facing those increased expenses.

The Cloud is Faster

Cloud storage offers an easier, faster way to access your company’s vital data. Often, your internal network can bog down. Your cloud solution, on the other hand, offers fast access and streamlined communication across the company.

It also doesn’t rely on people being in the physical office or accessing the physical company server in order to access data. With many people making the move to remote work and more offices offering hybrid schedules than ever before, that cloud connectivity can prove critical in allowing access to the data that employees need most, all streamlined by that vital cloud connectivity.

The Cloud is Safer

Cloud storage offers a number of elements of safety that can prove vital for your office. First and foremost, it has higher cybersecurity standards that your office network will often offer. Second, it helps provide vital protection against user error. Finally, it ensures that employees are accessing the right information and decreases the odds that they will inadvertently bring malware into the office setting–all while streamlining operations and making access as simple as possible.

Cloud Storage Provides Vital Backups

There’s nothing worse than losing your data, especially when you use it most. Data loss can occur for a variety of reasons: malware, including ransomware; damaged systems; and even user error. A single employee pressing the “delete” key at the wrong moment can result in lost data across your company or a corrupted file that you can no longer access. Unfortunately, in many offices, data backups just aren’t a priority. You may struggle to find the time to get them done or schedule relatively infrequent backups in an effort to keep other company functions running as smoothly as possible.

When you choose cloud storage, on the other hand, you will get access to automatic backups that can help secure your vital data and protect your company. Did an employee accidentally delete a document or program instead of saving it? You can easily restore it from your last backup. Did ransomware take over your system? Fortunately, you can go back to a former version of the system and only lose the data input since your last backup–and since you can conduct those backups more often, you’re more likely to have access to all the data you need.

What’s Holding You Back?

Many people haven’t made the move to the cloud because they have common worries. Maybe you’ve heard some of these potential challenges.

“It’s too expensive.”

In reality, utilizing cloud storage is often less expensive than maintaining an in-house file server. Servers have to be maintained and replaced on a regular basis. Moving to the cloud, on the other hand, may actually decrease your overall operational costs.

“It’s too complicated.”

The initial move to the cloud doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult. Often, it will proceed much more easily than you initially thought–and once the transfer is made, you’ll find that you’re in a much better position to handle file use and storage. Using cloud storage is also no more difficult than using physical file servers once you make the switch.

“It’s not as secure.”

Many people who worry about cloud security aren’t actually clear about how the cloud works. You may worry that you won’t have the same level of protection on the cloud that you get when you access a physical server–but in reality, the reverse is true. Your physical server is likely already open to the internet, and chances are, you don’t have all the protections in place that will help prevent unauthorized access. With cloud storage, on the other hand, you’ll receive extra layers of security around your confidential data, which can help protect both your business and your customers.

It’s time to make the move to the cloud for your business. It’s faster, it’s safer, and it’s more secure: all elements that can help keep your business running more efficiently and avoid the costly potential impact of cyberattacks. Are you ready to make the move to the cloud? Contact us today to learn more about our cloud services and how they can help transform your business once and for all.