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The leadership and employees of CTECH are looking forward to meeting with personnel from the mentoring and coaching firm, Dante, in the beginning of June.

Dante In Calgary

In a continuing effort to improve both internal processes and service delivery, CTECH is bringing in Dante as a part of our ongoing work in making CTECH an even better place to work and a more valuable partner for our clients.

The experience that the Dante team promises to bring includes mentoring and coaching that will deliver structure and clarity resulting in greater success.

Dante’s presentations are fun, high-energy, and collaborative. The CTECH leadership is hopeful that the time spent with the Dante team will be one that will draw the CTECH team closer around our core values and enable us to bring better service to our clients.

Continuing improvement and education are part of the foundation of the CTECH culture. We embrace enthusiasm and encouragement as a part of that process. We anticipate that our time with the Dante team will be a learning and growing experience.

Why continue to learn? Because the more we learn the better we can deliver these superb services to your business!

  • Managed Services – keeping your entire system running as it should
  • Cyber-Security Services – defending the company against online dangers
  • Data Backup Services – storing, protecting, and recovering valuable data
  • Disaster Recovery Services – getting you up and running after unexpected events
  • IT Strategy Services – delivering the right advice to align your IT to your goals
  • Cloud Services – moving and working within the cloud for greater efficiency

The CTECH team is the right choice to care for your business technology because we care about continually learning – so we can be the best for you!

Contact us now to learn more about our team and our line of exceptional service offerings. (403) 457--1478 or

Published on 1st June 2017 by Carl Fransen.

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