Calgary, AB Canada (January 9, 2015)—If you believe that IT & Cyber security is something you set with a software program and forget, you’re wrong. Virus writers and hackers continuously work at ways to bypass even the most sophisticated corporate defences. And with an increasing number of businesses in Calgary experiencing IT security attacks, it’s apparent that Calgary is a target region for hackers.

IT & Cyber Security Threats Are A Real Concern In Calgary.

The numbers say it all: Security violations for Calgary businesses increased by 52.5% over the past three years!

  • Websites were compromised resulting in propagation of Malware and viruses that damaged hardware and destroyed data.
  • Networks were breached resulting in lost and stolen private information.
  • Spam emails containing viruses left employees nonproductive for days at a time.
  • Email addresses and confidential information was stolen which negatively affected many companies’ good reputation.
  • Data breaches caused organizations to suffer liability claims that cost thousands, and even millions of dollars.

Don’t let your Calgary business become one of these statistics.

IT & Cyber Security must be continuously monitored and adjusted; your business requires the best 24/7-IT defence strategy you can find.

Carl Fransen, President of CTECH Consulting Group, Inc., will tell you what this requires, in his presentation “Security Your Digital Lifestyle” at:

How secure is your business? With Carl Fransen
Wednesday, January 14, 2015

ABC Country Restaurant

Carl will share his wealth of knowledge regarding IT security, and the steps businesses in Calgary must take to ensure their networks and data are completely protected. Some of the topics he’ll cover include:

  • Desktop Malware & Virus Protection
  • Email Virus and Spam Protection
  • Email Protection and Continuity
  • Email Archiving
  • DataLock
  • Geo-locating Lost or Stolen Computers
  • Data Encryption
  • Web Protection

CTECH Consulting Group Provides The Best IT Security For Businesses In and Around Calgary.

CTECH Consulting Group is the answer to securing and protecting your business. Securing your IT System and data is the core pillar of CTECH Consulting Group’s services. We keep your corporate information safe from hackers, viruses and Malware. You’ll rest well knowing that we’re protecting your data 24/7. And your clients can also be assured that their confidential data is safe in your hands.

For more information about Carl’s presentation, or for a Complimentary IT & Cyber Security Assessment for your business in or around Calgary, contact CTECH Consulting Group at: (403) 457-1478 or