Unhappy With Your Current IT Company?

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Are You Unhappy With Your Current IT Company?

Your current IT company should help you get the most out of IT support to achieve your objectives. Are you unhappy with their performance? Discover the answer and improve your situation.

Businesses are turning to IT support to overcome challenges and remain competitive. Your IT company should help you enjoy IT support benefits, such as cost savings, optimizing your operations, satisfying your clients, and much more.

While IT companies help organizations enjoy IT support, CTECH Consulting Group often observes cases where IT companies’ support does not benefit organizations. The IT company takes up a significant amount of resources but offers little value. Companies experiencing this scenario have problems and a lot of frustrations.

Are you one of these companies?

This article will help you discover if you are unhappy with your IT company and what you can do about it.

Unhappy With IT Company

Signs You Are Unhappy With Your IT Company

How can you discover if you are unhappy with your IT company?

You may be unhappy with your IT company if you notice these signs.

  • Your IT Infrastructure Has Chronic Issues: The IT company can provide temporary solutions or neglect your issues. For example, hardware problems that the IT company does not fix may cause frequent downtimes.
  • You Often Get Invoices With Hidden Fees: These unexpected costs can be because the IT company was not clear on their fees cover or did some work without consent.
  • Your IT Company Has Unreliable Support: Their communication channels may not be active. They may also take too long to respond or dismiss your issues.
  • Your IT Company Often Changes Your IT Support Team: The IT company may send different employees who need time to know your IT needs and infrastructure.
  • Your Rivals Are Using IT to Attract More Clients Than You Can: They may have an IT team that offers proactive support. Your IT company may not provide foresighted support, denying you a competitive edge, IT opportunities, and solutions.
  • You Keep On Having Network Breaches: Cybercriminals may use vulnerabilities in your system to launch attacks. These scams cause financial losses, data loss, downtimes, and damage to your reputation.

Knowing you are unhappy can help you take remedial actions. You may need to switch IT companies. Many organizations dread changing IT companies, but it can be a straightforward exercise. Follow a plan and switch to a good IT company to avoid risks, such as downtimes, unidentified backdoors, and missing data.

Signs of a Good IT Company

Are you switching to a good IT company?

Switching to a good IT company helps you avoid risks when changing IT companies.

You may switch to a good IT company if:

  • The IT company prioritizes cybersecurity.
  • It offers proactive IT support.
  • The IT company has an excellent reputation.
  • It is familiar with your industry and will ensure compliance.
  • The IT company is clear on what their fees cover.
  • You can reach the company, and they listen to you.

Once you know you are switching to a good IT company, follow this plan.

Steps to Follow When Switching IT Companies.

Follow these steps to switch IT companies with minimum IT support failure risks.


  • Do not rush to end the IT support by your current IT company.
  • Get administrative access to everything on your network and a master list of all logins.
  • Ask the new IT company to do a comprehensive security review of your network. This check identifies and fixes all backdoors and vulnerabilities.
  • Notify your outgoing IT company of the intended changes and cancel their services.
  • Inform all stakeholders of the change and new protocols.

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