The Calgary energy scene is abundant with new oil and gas exploration and producers looking at cashing in on the lucrative Alberta energy market. Technology plays a vital role in the exploration of Canada’s rich natural gas and oil deposits across the Canadian basin. CTECH Consulting Group support the Calgary energy market with top IT services focus on providing results.

The Calgary energy sector is alive and well. With Oil hovering at $100 and Natural Gas holding tight around the $2.50 per cubic metre, having an efficient technology solutions is a must. With the right IT systems producing the right data, oil and gas firms can make informed decisions on where to drill, when to shut-in a well and have immediate access to field data no matter where they are located.

A new Calgary upstart Oil and Gas firm recently selected CTECH Consulting Group to assist in providing the perfect technology solution to accomplish the goals of the corporation.

CTECH Consulting Group’s approach is not to jump in immediately. We have a number of years of experience helping Oil and Gas firms in Calgary and we our team has the experience in working with many of the leading Oil and Gas software solutions, but our approach is to first learn about the business needs and specific challenges. CTECH Consulting Group accomplished this by meeting with all the executives to learn about their unique challenges and requirements.

After reviewing the unique needs of the corporation, CTECH Consulting Group went to work deploying a computer network solution with DELL Servers and computers as the cornerstone of the network. Knowing the growth plans and goals of the organization helped us determine that the perfect solution was the DELL PowerEdge T310 server running Microsoft Windows Small Business Server. SBS provides the communication tools with Microsoft Exchange and the ability to access files and information with ease. CTECH Consulting Group also protects their IT investment with a full 24/7 warranty.

Oil and Gas firms require access to information no matter where they are located. CTECH Consulting Group knows the importance of security combined with ease of access. They now enjoy around-the-clock access to Accumap, Peep, and corporate data through a secure firewall and remote access solution. Combine this with CTECH Consulting Group’s 24/7 Help Desk and our client can work around the clock and enjoy CTECH Consulting Group’s support no matter what time of the day they need it.

CTECH Consulting Group also understands the importance specific applications are for Calgary’s Oil and Gas industry. CTECH Consulting Group has invested the time to understand how Geologists use tools such as Accumap and Surfer or the importance an application like Peep plays in determining the economics on a particular well.

The Canadian Energy Sector continues to play a vital role in the economic landscape. CTECH Consulting Group specializes in working with oil and gas firms in Calgary and across Western Canada by providing the right level of IT resources and support providing one of the key pillars to success.

To learn more about how CTECH Consulting Group can help your Oil and Gas firm in Calgary, call (403) 457-1478 or email to learn more.

Download our white paper on providing IT Support to Calgary Oil and Gas firms.