One afternoon in the not too distant past, CTECH Consulting Group received a phone call from a local commercial real estate firm that found itself in dire straits. They needed immediate support and wondered if CTECH Consulting Group was up to the task.

The firm is a locally-owned and operated real estate firm in the Calgary area. They offer a unique project-driven approach to real estate — from buying, selling and leasing of commercial real estate and related businesses, to property management, consulting and group investment. But, they had a HUGE technology issue.

Their normally stabilized business network was no longer reliable. Their Small Business Server (SBS) had crashed, they had no way to access the network and backups had not been done for about a month. Essentially, business as they know it had ground to a sudden halt. That’s when they started looking online for a reliable Calgary IT support company that could provide solutions for their issues.

CTECH Consulting Group is known for providing a complete range of services. Expediting hardware and software shipping and working over the weekend and into the week, all services are backed up and running for this commercial real estate brokerage. Our IT team improved all services offered to the users, set them up with unlimited email going in and out and increased security on their network. In addition, they replaced their old white box server with a business class DELL PowerEdge T410 server with a 7/24 4 hour onsite support warranty.

CTECH Consulting Group has saved this new-found client from potential disaster and now CTECH Consulting Group is training their internal IT department. What could be better than that?
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