When the IT team for one Calgary charity needed struggled to maintain the company’s multi-site network, executives called on the CTECH Consulting Group to help.

A little attention to the proper procedures makes all the difference to a medium sized charity in downtown Calgary. The company has a budget of $4.5 million dollars, over 100 staff, and a permanent IT department that was overwhelmed. Lack of knowledge increased the IT team’s workload and reduced the network’s uptime as the team struggled to maintain basic functionality. This in turn decreased productivity and left everyone feeling frustrated.

When the charity’s executives decided it was time to get help, they called on CTECH Consulting Group. CTECH Consulting Group stepped in and taught their techs how to properly maintain a multi-site network. In addition, CTECH Consulting Group provided the charity with an onsite tech who would come in three days a week to mentor and support the charity’s IT staff.

With the help of CTECH Consulting Group’s experienced, well-trained IT professionals, the charity now experiences 99.99% uptime or the equivalent of no more than 5 minutes per year of unexpected downtime. Now the charity’s entire staff enjoys increased productivity and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the charity now has a reliable network.

The charity’s IT department stabilized and fueled the charity’s growth. Counselors, psychologists and social workers were now able to focus on what they do best: helping the underprivileged and youth at risk.

Our networks are simple. They work based on the needs of the business. We are in the business to make sure that your business is working and stays that way.

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