When a Calgary hotel’s main Windows server continually restarted, and the existing IT support team couldn’t determine what was happening, CTECH Consulting Group, Calgary’s premiere Hotel IT support company, was called into action.

Sept 23, 2012 – Calgary, AB – As a proud member of the Calgary Hotel Association, CTECH Consulting Group has made a commitment to provide Calgary IT services for the hospitality industry throughout the Calgary region. When one of the CHA members experienced an IT headache because the hotel’s main Windows server continually rebooted, the hotel leaders reached out to CTECH Consulting Group for help.

The hotel faced a serious hardware issue and an expired warranty. CTECH Consulting Group immediately went to work to figure out why this Windows-based server continued to reboot itself. During the CTECH Consulting Group review, a more serious issue presented itself. The Windows server also lacked a reliable backup. CTECH Consulting Group needed to get the data safely off of the old server to preserve the integrity and ensure the protection of the hotel’s information.

After confirming the safety and security of the data, CTECH Consulting Group immediately went to work liaising with the hardware vendor to help. The issues persisted, and the hotel’s server crashed and stopped working completely.

CTECH Consulting Group recommended ordering a pre-configured replacement server, with all of the hotel’s applications, from the hardware vendor. CTECH Consulting Group acted as the client’s chief information officer, network administrator and IT professional, working with our new hotel client to ensure that all logistics were taken care of and the delivery of the new server was on time and that downtime related to this server challenge was kept at a minimum.

When the new server arrived, the team at CTECH Consulting Group got to work, first recovering the data from the previous server’s backup and restoring all data to the new server. Our client was back up and operational with new server hardware and could once again take care of guests’ needs. However, that was not the end, there were many improvements that needed to occur on the network due to the inexperience of the previous computer company who claimed to be taking care of their needs. CTECH Consulting Group saw things a little differently.

“Our team at CTECH Consulting Group continues to find Calgary hotel networks that are at serious risk of collapse,” said CTECH Consulting Group president Carl Fransen. “Our fixed-cost IT support services are often more cost effective than the average computer cowboy servicing Calgary hotels these days. When combined with our 24/7 help desk, Calgary hotels can have a professional IT support team for less than they pay their computer folks today.”

If you run a Calgary hotel and need a technology company that can take care of your IT needs around the clock with no disruption to how you do business today, contact CTECH Consulting Group to arrange a no-obligation review of your hotel network. We offer 24/7 help desk services and professional consulting services and give you peace of mind.

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