Scattered across the Western Canadian landscape are armies of roving warriors armed with laptops and cell phones, all trying to call home to update the head offices from the largest to the smallest energy firms on the latest news from the hot Canadian energy market.

Calgary, Alberta – Business happens no matter where the executive team is located. From the corporate offices in Calgary to the back of a pickup truck on some rural gravel road in Northern Alberta, business in Canada’s busy energy sector happens around the clock, and the need for quality IT systems continues to play an important role.

A Calgary-based environmental company had challenges with aging IT infrastructure, an increasingly mobile workforce and the need to have technology support available around the clock.

With an increasingly mobile workforce, many of the key decision makers are never in the office at the same time. It is a luxury when the management team can meet face-to-face and discuss their clients’ needs and the challenges facing a growing environmental corporation in the busy energy sector.

Technology solutions such as Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange Server and remote desktop technologies allow the management team to work all hours of the day, have real-time information and make informed business decisions with confidence.

CTECH Consulting Group’s 90-second help desk services, available 24 hours a day, and a completely monitored management network play an important role in ensuring our client is successful in all business dealings. Our Calgary business client can now focus once again on meeting clients’ needs and not worry about trying to figure out how IT works.

CTECH Consulting Group provides businesses in Calgary completely managed IT services and support whenever needed. The CTECH Consulting Group help desk provides 90-second support 24 hours a day combined with CTECH Consulting Group’s monitoring and remote support solutions. Why would a Calgary business leader settle for IT support from a technology partner that fails to meet the business’ needs?

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