Just recently, an insurance and claims employee that we had recently worked with at another organization asked us for our help. They were outgrowing their current network due to having a network system that was more geared to a home network system instead of a business network.

Their current system was joined to a retail grade network hard drive. Retail or consumer grade hard drives are designed to fit the needs of a home or a very small business. While that might be great to start with, if your business is growing, you could experience all sorts of issues that can be costly in time and money.

The insurance and claims company literally found itself with no backup, no security and no redundancy. That’s when they came to CTECH Consulting Group to inquire as to the solutions that would satisfy their needs. So, here’s what CTECH Consulting Group did for them:

  • Consolidated all networking services in a new Dell T310 PowerEdge Server with a 7/24, 4-hour onsite support warranty
  • Synced their calendars, email, contacts, etc to their phones in real time.
  • Ensured that each staff member was able to share company contacts, multiple calendars and tasks throughout the firm
  • Ensured that staff can work from anywhere in or outside of the office and be notified instantly of any emergency
  • Included a plan that automatically updates and manages all PCs

So what about your company? Are you looking for a trusted Calgary IT support team who will focus on ensuring your business has a foundation for success? Take the first step by reaching out to contact us.