Why CTECH Excels as a Reliable and Efficient MSP in Calgary

Choosing an MSP to work with isn't a simple matter. Here are some factors to look for when looking for a reliable managed service provider.

Why CTECH Excels as a Reliable and Efficient MSP in Calgary

Outsourcing your IT department to managed IT service providers can be a cost-effective way of leveraging technology to improve the performance of your business. But not all managed service providers are equal to the task, as a small business in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, recently discovered. Indeed, the business had engaged a managed service provider, which was quite efficient at first, but soon stopped all communications. This was a clear indication that the service provider was no longer in a position to continue providing IT and MSP services to the small business in Calgary. It had gone under, and it would be quite some time before it could be back on its feet.

While it is an unfortunate situation for the small business, it provides valuable learning opportunities for your company, especially when it comes to the choice of a well-managed IT service provider.

Choosing the Right Managed IT Service Provider (MSP)

Choosing an MSP to work with isn’t a simple matter of checking up the local directory, and dialing the first number on the page, or scrolling down the list to select the provider with the cheapest services. Here are critical factors to look for when looking for a reliable managed service provider:

1. Skills and Experience

When it comes to skills and experience, it is important to choose an MSP that can do much more than basic hardware and software installation and maintenance. The provider should be able to handle any other emerging issue, such as cybersecurity, software patching, and even Google Analytics, to help your business grow to the next level.

You should choose a managed service provider with advanced skills in database management, cross-platform technology, and cloud computing. These skills will help the service provider to keep up with your growing IT needs.

2. Financial Stability

IT is the backbone of your business, so you need a provider who will be there for you in a long time to come, grow with you, and take you to the next level. Providers facing financial problems will experience challenges providing you with essential IT services, and may even be unable to conduct day-to-activities, such as communication.

You may have to assess the financial records and statements of your preferred MSP before signing along the dotted line. Also find out how many clients the provider serves, and compare with their referrals and testimonials.

3. Competitive Service Level Agreement

This is a contract dictating the standards that the MSP should meet. The MSP should meet certain minimum standards, including:

  • 24/7 support
  • Remote and on-site support
  • Guaranteed response and resolution times
  • Rebates if it fails to meet the agreed standards

A look at these standards should tell you whether the provider is your suitable choice. Any MSP that doesn’t offer 24/7 support, or at least states regular working hours, should be out of the question.

4. Third-PartyVendor Partnerships

If the MSP has ongoing relationships with various technology vendors, such as Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle, it will most likely offer you efficient and reliable services. It will also make it easier for you to access the vendor’s services conveniently and affordably. This is especially important if your business uses services or products from these vendors.

Ask for vendor certifications to determine the level of partnership. The more the certifications, the better because it means the MSP has the expertise needed to propel your business to new heights.

5. Check Their References and Referrals

It isn’t exactly discrediting new companies but would be better off looking for an MSP that has been around for quite some time. Such a company would have acquired a reputation among current and former clients — you will find all this information if you invest in a little research before choosing a service provider.

Find out what others — past and current clients — are saying about the company. Scour the web for customer feedback and reviews, and talk to those clients in person.

Worker at an MSP on the phone with a client discussing needed service.

Tell-Tale Signs of a Troubled MSP

Choosing the best MSP, and working with them for some time, isn’t the end of the journey. Even the best-laid plans fail, as the saying goes. But you need to be in a position to know when your provider is likely to fail. Always hope for the best while preparing for the worst.

If your MSP is experiencing challenges rendering services, it may not tell you. But these signs may signal trouble:

  • Erratic communications: The MSP doesn’t communicate as frequently as in the past. Communication is the basis of any partnership, so a lack of it would have a negative impact on service delivery.
  • Missed deadline: The provider misses a few deadlines with no plausible explanation or comes up with meaningless excuses, the dog-ate-my-homework type.
  • Too many downtimes: If the MSP systems are out of order most of the time, you should know there’s trouble on the way.

Why You Should Partner With CTECH for MSP

With many service providers out there, and each claiming to be the best, it may be challenging sifting through the chest-thumping. But CTECH Consulting Group rises above the pack on many fronts. Here are some reasons you should consider partnering with CTECH:

  • Personalized and friendly human customer support: You won’t be talking to a machine when you contact customer support at CTECH. They answer your questions honestly and in a friendly manner.
  • Wide experience: CTECH has been around for years, providing excellent services to their clients.
  • Expert knowledge of IT needs: This MSP has well-trained and experienced professionals to handle every aspect of your growing IT needs.
  • Employs the latest technology: It uses cutting-edge technology to provide services. This includes cloud computing, the latest cybersecurity measures such as premium firewalls, and updated and upgrades IT infrastructure.
  • Positive testimonials from clients: Past and present clients have positive testimonials about the quality of service offered at CTECH.

IT is an integral aspect of your growing business. You wouldn’t want to make errors when choosing the right service provider to outsource your IT department. Consider partnering with CTECH for cutting-edge technology, customer responsiveness, and years of experience. Please contact us if you have any queries.