Calgary businesses lead others throughout Canada when it comes to making investments in technology. These companies realize that technology is a strategic asset and an important tool they need to increase profitability and grow their business. They know that a robust IT system will help them retain clients and obtain future ones with processes that improve client satisfaction. These successful businesses understand that a robust IT system is a requirement.

For over 10 years CTECH Consulting Group has provided Calgary businesses with professional IT solutions based on a philosophy of



Businesses throughout the “Stampede City” understand how important it is to have a well-constructed IT System. CTECH Consulting Group provides this. Our Robust IT Systems:

  • Are custom-designed to meet your specific goals.
  • Keeps your staff engaged, trained and productive.
  • Communicate efficiently and securely with customers.
  • Ensure all your offices can communicate with ease.
  • Secure your electronic business information at all times.
  • Back up your information properly and recover files if a data disaster occurs.
  • Provide you immediate access to your electronic data and information when you need it to make sound business decisions.

When CTECH Consulting Group builds your robust IT system, you won’t be faced with unexpected bills and expenses. We’ll help you control your IT costs and develop a plan for upcoming expenses, taking into account presumed expiration dates for hardware and software.


Spam e-mails and viruses can leave your employees nonproductive for hours. Employees who leave the office to visit non-business-related sites often waste time and resources. Laptop and data theft can be hard to stop and track down. CTECH Consulting Group Security Services will put an end to these problems at a minimal cost to you and for a fixed monthly fee. Plus you won’t have to tax your existing IT system or purchase any new security hardware.


CTECH Consulting Group will provide your business 24/7 IT support for one monthly fee. Gone are the days when you were charged an hourly fee for something that took a tech only ten minutes to do. You can now easily budget exactly how much your IT support will cost you.


Your business may be successful, but there will always be new competitors who want to take your market share, and industry changes that you’ll need to adapt to. In addition IT systems will continue to advance. With CTECH Consulting Group as an integral part of IT team, you can quickly adapt to these changes.

And, of course, your business will continue grow. CTECH Consulting Group ensures that your business will always have a robust, responsive system as it grows. Plus we’ll provide your staff hands-on training so you can be confident that any new features in your IT system can be used immediately and effectively.


You can trust CTECH Consulting Group to help build your company a robust IT system that’s secure, supported and grows with your company. Call us today at (403) 457-1478 or toll-free at (877) 455-1478 to schedule a Free IT Assessment for your business. You can also visit us on the Web at: