Already Working Remotely But Need a Better Way to Collaborate?

If You’re Already a Modern Workplace That Works Remotely, Now Is the Perfect Time to Ensure You’re Collaborating As Efficiently As Possible…

There are currently over 175,000 cases of coronavirus around the world. Calgary has recently been placed under a state of local emergency as officials work hard to contain the spread of COVID-19 – meaning everything from schools to libraries to recreational facilities have closed down. CEMA director Tom Sampson explained that city services are still functioning as needed while many employees have been working from home. He expressed,

While it can seem extreme to have places we know and love closed down, this is in line with the actions of other regions who have had success containing COVID-19. Strong measures now mean we get ahead of this before it becomes very problematic as we have seen in other cities and countries.”

Coronavirus Outbreak In Calgary

CTECH Helps Calgary Business Through COVID-19

Businesses have been urged to work from home, and for many, this has already been a reality as they’re operating as a modern workplace that embraces cloud computing. But here’s the thing… COVID-19 will affect your team members, even if they’re already working from home, as any chance of stopping by the office or working together in groups after-hours is limited. Additionally, many employees may be distracted and struggle to work as efficiently as possible.

How Efficiently Are Your Remote Workers Collaborating? CTECH Can Help You Make Remote Work As Seamless As Possible During This Trying, Difficult Time.

As your remote employees work, it’s important to ensure they’re able to collaborate seamlessly due to the lack of ability to create groups or see one another. CTECH offers our modern workplace solution that gives your team members a forum to share ideas. Microsoft’s Yammer is used to enable this forum – offering a range of benefits:

  1. Enhance collaboration within teams or departments through a social intranet that lets employees post short messages and receive responses from colleagues or those invited outside of the organization, including customers. Messages can be directed to an entire group or one-on-one via private messages.
  2. Keep employees focused on important tasks instead of worrying about emailing one another back and forth when news and/or updates need to be sent. Instead, employees can avoid distractions and post messages or send documents as needed through the system in a quick and efficient manner.
  3. Collect feedback from one another as you’re able to let people vote on subjects via a poll to decide important details of projects and/or initiatives. This makes a lot of meetings redundant – an important goal when you’re aiming to avoid social distancing and work entirely remotely.

Microsoft’s Yammer is the ideal solution for remote workers looking to achieve a higher level of collaboration with crowdsourcing and collective knowledge that’s accessible via all employees, no matter their location or device. They’re able to share information, stay in communication, collaborate on files at the same time, and of course, maintain a bit of the social aspect of working in the office, despite being at home.

Need Help With Your Information Systems Through COVID-19?

During This Difficult, Trying Time, CTECH is Here to Help. Make Your Remote Workers Even More Efficient – And Give Them a Bit of the Social Aspect of the Workplace They’re Missing.

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