Coronavirus Cases Continue to Increase in Alberta

As Coronavirus Cases Rise to 56, Alberta Is Taking Social Distancing Seriously – Closing Down ALL Schools and Daycares. The Time to Work from Home is Now…

On March 11, 2020, The World Health Organization (WHO) labeled coronavirus as a pandemic. There are currently over 170,000 cases around the world, with the cases rising to 56 in Alberta. Calgary has implemented its municipal emergency plan in response to the pandemic. The city has asked all employees to work from home, if at all possible. As there are indications of community spread, the city has taken more aggressive measures to contain the virus – closing down ALL schools and daycares.

Alberta Schools Closed Coronavirus

An Important Update: CTECH Is NOT Affected as We’re a Modern Workplace That Functions As Efficiently Remotely As We Do in the Office.

CTECH knows this strongly affects our clients who are forced to find ways to work from home as their children will be homebound. Fortunately, CTECH is not affected as we’re a modern workplace that embraces the cloud and other remote work solutions designed to ensure we’re functional during times like this. Our support will be maintained as we’re able to provide assistance and troubleshooting remotely rather than onsite.

Our team is taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously. We are putting the safety of our employees and our clients first. If you need anything at all, please email or call our support line at (403) 457-1478. We repeat: we are still fully functional in this challenging time.

We can provide over-the-shoulder support for ALL desktops and servers. If onsite support is required, we will strive to take ALL of the necessary precautions to limit our interactions with your staff. This includes:

  1. Consistent hand-washing and using a minimum of 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  2. A minimum of a 6-foot distance between our employees and your staff members.
  3. Employees are staying home and steering clear of providing onsite support if they’re ill.

The welfare and well-being of our clients is our biggest priority right now. However, we know there are instances wherein onsite support will still be necessary to keep businesses throughout the region functioning.

If You Aren’t Prepared to Work Remotely, Don’t Worry. A Member of Our Team Will Is Reaching Out Shortly to Help You Embrace a Remote Workforce.

If you aren’t prepared to work remotely, CTECH will be reaching out to you soon to help you embrace a remote workforce. As mentioned, CTECH is a modern workplace that embraces the cloud and other remote work solutions designed to ensure we’re functional during times like this. Our staff can access any information on any of their devices securely – allowing them to maintain real-time collaboration.

We can enable you and your staff members to do the same. Our modern workplace solutions include:

  • Cybersecurity solutions designed to keep all devices safe against threats, including two-factor authentication, data loss prevention, advanced threat protection, and more.
  • VoIP business phones that enable anytime, anywhere access to your work line, as well as enterprise-grade features, as you make and receive calls over the Internet.
  • Remote access solutions that give you the ability to synchronize files and applications on any remote devices, including tablets, desktops, and phones.

We Will Be Reaching Out to All of Our Managed Clients Shortly. In the meantime, Contact Us Now at (403) 457-1478 If You Need Anything At All.